Come To My Senses: July 6

  • Sight: So… I saw Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom last Saturday. And it was… not good. Like at all. I feel like the Jurassic World formula is take the biggest, baddest dinosaur from the Jurassic Park trilogy and blend it with the most recent biggest, baddest dinosaur from the previous movie. The first JW movie was the Indominus Rex which blended the Tyrannosaurus Rex (from JP) with a slew of other mean dinosaurs. So clearly the second JW movie takes the Indominus Rex and blends it with a Velociraptor. My guess is the inevitable third JW movie will take the Indoraptor and blend it with… a dilophosaurus that killed Nedry? The brontosaurus? Maybe go the Tremors 3 route and use a pteranodon to make them fly? Or compies to make them tiny? Who knows man. I give it two more movies before they take the dinosaurs to space and just wholeheartedly lean into the monster, B-movie genre. It’s a bummer. RIP Michael Crichton.
  • Sound: I learned a new song last weekend! That suspiciously has that “Ghostbusters theme song” 80s vibe to it. Not that there’s anything wrong with that… [Side note: 80s music videos are hilariously awful]
One that won’t make me nervous
Wonderin’ what to do
One that makes me feel like I feel when I’m with you
  • Taste: Oh boy. Buckle up. Friday night was El Marko’s with the momma and step dad in Chapin. Saturday night was Lucky’s Burger Shack in Irmo, which was absolutely shadier than I was expecting. I went with a Black & Blue burger that was really good. Sunday morning was Egg’s Up Grill. I had a breakfast wrap and a side of grits. And I’d definitely go back. Sunday lunch was another trip to El Marko’s with my step dad. No shame. Tuesday’s Lunch Roulette spin was supposed to be Zack’s Hamburgers. But they were closed (until the 16th?!?!) for the 4th. So we audibled to Mr. K’s, who was closed (until the 6th?!?!) for the 4th. The third-time’s-a-charm pick wound up being Five Guys. It’s not a local place but come on… at some point, a boy’s gotta eat before going back to work. We took a holiday happy hour at Brewers at 4001 Yancey that evening. I snagged an invite to the neighbor’s cookout on the 4th, so we had some great burgers, hot dogs, pasta salad, and homemade cookies! Then finally, Thursday’s lunch was Little Village Grill. It’s a little far from the office, so I hadn’t been yet despite hearing great things. So four of us braved some Bird scooters and had far too much fun riding there for lamb & beef gyros.
  • Feel: Physically exhausted. I finished up my American 4 Miler race Wednesday in 46:26. That’s a little embarrassing since my 4 mile run for St. Patrick’s Day was 6 minutes quicker. And even worse, I only beat SEVEN (!?!?) people in my age group. Get good, kid! I hate the heat though, so my times are always better when it’s cooler out. My Fall 5Ks will be much better. But then I made the mistake of trying to weed the hill in my backyard midday too. Combined with staying out late with the neighbors and eating too much food, I was dragging on Thursday.

It was going to be a quiet weekend but it looks like there’s a last-minute day trip to Columbia for girl breakfasts and grandmother visits. Happy Friday!

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