Come To My Senses: June 22

  • Sight: I went Clemson for Father’s Day, so obviously I got to see my dad. But I also got to visit with some extended family on my step mom’s side. [Step] Grandparents from Clemson. A [step] aunt from Atlanta. A whole passel of [step] New Mexicans. Whatever the husband of a [step] cousin is? Maybe that’s just another cousin? Either way, it was good to see some people I don’t get to visit with that regularly.
  • Sound: I got a random text from my brother this week, asking when The Band Perry turned into a Taylor Swift wannabe. Having no clue what he was talking about, I hit up the Youtubes and stumbled over this little gem from 2017 that I somehow missed. And unlike my brother, if The Band Perry wants to get stuck on the bridge between country and pop, I’m 100% here for it. I love this song.
Who knows what we’re missing
It’s our world, it’s our business
Here I am, I’m with you on a mission
  • Taste: I feel like I need a way to spice up this bullet point. Or branch out a little more. Saturday, I made a couple batches of cookies for the Clemson trip. The strawberry banana shortcake recipe was a new one. I wasn’t a huge fan. They’re awful after a day or two, so doubtful that makes its way into the rotation. The double chocolate recipe was a familiar one and was a hit, as always. The dad, step mom, and I hit up Outback on Sunday for Father’s Day. I went with the Victoria Filet and mashed potatoes. I skipped out on Lunch Roulette [because of meetings] and JJ’s [because I don’t want to be fat] on Tuesday. Insert shocked baby face gif here. But then I went to JJ’s on Wednesday. Because maybe being fat isn’t that bad. Finally, on Thursday, I switched it up and went to Just Fresh for a chicken Caesar wrap and strawberry banana smoothie. Damn hippie!

    Just kidding. It was probably full of sugar.
  • Feel: Hot. So, so hot! It started cracking 95+ degrees this week. I know summer’s just starting and it’s going to get worse. But just let me have it, this week. Part of it is that I hate being cooped up at work all day, so I try to grab lunch outside to take a walk every day. Part of it is that I have long hair in the summer. Part of it is just because I’m a whiner. Either way, I hate the heat.

It’s a lay-low kind of weekend. I’m working from home today [praise hands emoji], so hopefully that sets up for a quiet start to the weekend. Be smart. Be safe. Don’t do drugs. Enjoy your weekend.

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1 Response to Come To My Senses: June 22

  1. hopeclark says:

    Whiner….I would have you working in the yard, like your old parents. And The Band Perry DOES sound like Taylor Swift. And I saw a new chocolate chip cookie recipe that I might send you. #cookiebachelor

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