Come To My Senses: March 2

  • Sight: The Lowe’s Lawn & Garden section. With the recent jump in temperatures around the South, I’ve noticed how much nicer a lot of the lawns around my house look. So I dug out the “fescue maintenance plan” from my closing documents that I have completely neglected for the past year and headed to Lowe’s. I’m now the proud owner of 45 pounds of grass fertilizer/crabgrass prevention pellets, 80 pounds of dolomitic lime, and a seed spreader. Quite possibly the most boring, most adult thing I’ve ever done. Yet another unnecessary, unrecoverable expense that comes with owning a house. But at least my grass will (hopefully) be as green as my neighbors’ yard.
  • Sound: My country girl Kacey Musgraves dropped two new singles off of her upcoming album Golden Hour this past week! I’m not super high on Butterflies. But the second one? Space Cowboy? That song’s on another level. I wish I could adequately convey the way songs like this hit me. Everything about this is on point.

    I know my place
    and it ain’t with you
    Sunsets fade
    and love does too

  • Taste: JJ’s Tuesday because I skipped out on Lunch Roulette (stupid work meetings). Then uh… JJ’s Thursday again? But at least it was March on Thursday. So I can officially say I made it two whole months (… that’s a sixth of a year!…) without going twice in one week. Dinner last night was Jimmy John’s, which I surprisingly had to find near my house. How have I not been since moving to Charlotte? The plan for lunch today is Bang Bang Bites, a slider-centric, pared-down version of Bang Bang Burgers that just opened near the office.
  • Feel: Frustrated. Dating in today’s climate is super obnoxious. And awkward. And forced. Recently went on a first date where the girl mentioned recent ex-boyfriends, how she was the mid-30s single woman with a cat, and how disheartened she was since that hadn’t been her plan. I had another conversation turn south on a dime because I currently have longer hair, I don’t drink, and I don’t regularly attend church. She didn’t ask about my religious beliefs or faith. She asked if I went to church and that was enough to sour the momentum because she “wants to raise her children (that do not exist yet) in a Christian household.” People are impossible.

I think I’m finally cash-flow positive on all of my bills and saving. Naturally, that means it’s time to find something else to blow money on. So the plan is to get my football tickets set up on a payment plan and hopefully narrow down a paint color for my main walls in the living room. May even go a little crazy and buy some prints for my walls.

Goodbye money. Hello weekend.

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4 Responses to Come To My Senses: March 2

  1. hopeclark says:

    All that stuff on the yard doesn’t work if you don’t keep it watered!!!! (Wish I lived closer.)

  2. hopeclark says:

    And while you have great short hair, your long hair is gorgeous. Forget her.

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