Come To My Senses: October 20

  • Sight: I got my girl back! The trainers all loved her and were sad to see her go. She rocked her obedience training and my walk through when I picked her up. She’s been near perfect on the several walks we’ve taken since bringing her home. But it ain’t all good news…
  • Sound: Who doesn’t love a good early 90’s pop song? I almost went with the New Found Glory cover because I’m a fan of the tempo (and pop punk, of course). But let’s go with the OG version.

    I don’t need to fall at your feet
    just ’cause you cut me to the bone.
    And I won’t miss the way that you kiss me.
    We were never carved in stone.

  • Taste: I skipped a Chick Fil A breakfast before the Clemson game because it was Friday. They lost. Call it superstitious but I’m eating CFA before every Clemson game from here on out. Lunch Roulette was Leroy Fox at the new location in South End. I love that place. In a rare display of domestication, I decided to try my hand at Blue Apron’s Fried Chicken & Kale Slaw recipe. It turned out really well, aside from the frustration of taking 45+ minutes to fix and less than 5 minutes to eat. This is why sandwiches are the best single guy meal. Our nerd gaming club crew hit up Blaze Pizza Thursday for our monthly lunch.
  • Feel: Confused. The bad news about Lucy is that the trainer told me to keep a close eye on her interactions with Harper because she was leery about who’s being the aggressor. Sure enough… Lucy has been tense around Harper and Harper has been aggressive about not backing down. So I don’t know what to do. I plan on asking the trainers about solutions. But I’m also worried that this just may be their dynamic, which would break my heart. I’m confused about feelings about a couple of girls… which is a pretty clear sign I need to take a step back and steer clear for the time being. Dating in 2017 is the worst.

I took today off, so the blog’s a little late. No Clemson game this weekend. But I’m also a little leery about going anywhere until I get the dog’s dynamic straightened out. So just me, the tense pups, and the TV all weekend. Have a good one!

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5 Responses to Come To My Senses: October 20

  1. Kim says:

    Cooking for one sucks. Do you ever use a crockpot? I’m fairly certain on the answer, but it is nice to have a meal ready from work and you can freeze leftovers.

    • I don’t use a crockpot. But I’ve got one now. So it’s on the list of things to figure out and incorporate into the regularly scheduled fried egg sandwiches and tacos routine.

  2. hopeclark says:

    Poor Lucy. She comes home to show off her new skills and gets snubbed. See if you can get Harper to behave like Lucy. It’s all about them both loving you!

    • I was just talking to my neighbor about that. After seeing how well Lucy behaves, it’s obvious where Harper lacks discipline/focus. But it’s been tricky trying to figure out how to bridge the gap.

  3. hopeclark says:

    Just saw the other comment. I just gave you a crock pot. Give it a go!

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