Come To My Senses: October 13

  • Sight: I was bored last Sunday night. I had played plenty of Destiny 2 and Cuphead earlier in the day, so I wasn’t feeling the video game itch. I’ve never been an NFL fan, even after living in the Panthers’ hometown the last 5 years, so I don’t pay much attention to football on Sundays. But I noticed that Houston was playing the night game and thought “why not?” Deshaun Watson (Clemson’s QB the last couple of years) has taken over their starting job and he’s blown up in the last couple of weeks. They lost the game but he went off and threw for 261 passing yards, 5 touchdowns, 0 interceptions, and 31 rushing yards. A nice little side perk too is that 3 of the touchdowns were to Deandre Hopkins, another Clemson guy. Am I becoming a Houston Texans’ fan?
  • Sound: Last year, I saw Kacey Musgraves on Record Store Day at Lunchbox Records with… 200?… other people before seeing her that night on tour at Amos’ Southend. She’s sort of bucked the country music machine, socially, while being truer to the country genre than a lot of current day artists. This is my favorite song of hers. Because who doesn’t love a good “eff you” song?

    You heard from your friends
    that I’m doing okay
    And you’re thinking
    that maybe you made a mistake
    And you want me to know
    but I don’t wanna know
    how you’re feeling

  • Taste: Another Saturday, another Chick Fil A breakfast to will another Clemson win. And a stop at Cook Out for dinner to celebrate another win! I had a lunch date on Sunday at Paco’s Tacos. I wanted to try something new, so I originally went with a wood grilled chicken taco and an al pastor taco. But they let me know they changed their chicken tacos to dark meat instead of white meat. Uh. No thanks. The ol’ reliable chicken fried steak taco it is! Lunch Roulette was Green’s Lunch, so I actually got to walk there from the office. And… that’s it this week!
  • Feel: Somber. I like having a quieter house, as does Harper. And it’s good to see her back to being a little more playful. But I also miss the puppy-ness of Lucy bouncing around the house. Luckily, I get her back in a week. And hopefully, she’ll listen a bit better and calm down a little around Harper. But I’m ready for my pup to be home.

I get a weird Friday night Clemson game tonight against Syracuse. My brother and his family are crashing here tonight too, which will be fun. Outside of that? Nada. But I ain’t complaining about a quiet weekend. Saturday will be spent in front of the TV all. day. long. watching football!

P.S. Go Vols! And Cavs!

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2 Responses to Come To My Senses: October 13

  1. hopeclark says:

    When does Lucy come home? Is Harper prepared? And GO DESHAUN!

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