Come To My Senses: August 11

  • Sight: I made it to my first Carolina Panthers’ game this week! When I found out that Deshaun Watson was drafted by the Houston Texans and that they were playing Carolina in Week 1 of the preseason, there was absolutely no excuse to not go. My brother came up, so it was really good to spend some solo bro time too. The Texans lost (Go Panthers, am I right?) but Deshaun looked really good in his first professional game. The highlight was him taking a 15 yard run up the middle of the field for a touchdown and the masses of Clemson people who came out went nuts, which was soon followed up by the non-Clemson Panthers fans boo’ing. Too funny.

    It may be my first Panthers game... but go Deshaun!

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  • Sound: The lyrics to this song are perfect to me (I won’t come back to you broken/I won’t stay away too long). Josh’s voice gives me chills. The video legitimately made me tear up the first time seeing it because these are just genuinely good dudes.
  • Taste: Last Friday, our social butterfly coworker thought we work hard but don’t play hard enough. So she got a group of us out of the office to Vida Cantina. I put down an Asian Shrimp taco and a Buffalo Chicken taco that were both very good. Lunch Roulette was Eddie’s Place. This place is excellent but I almost never go there because it’s next door to Leroy Fox which may be one of my favorite places in Charlotte. I’ve only ever had the Country Fried Breakfast. But I’ve had it like four times and have never had a reason to change it up. So good.
  • Feel: Life is really good right now. I’m really happy. That’s all.

Have a good weekend, kiddos!

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3 Responses to Come To My Senses: August 11

  1. hopeclark says:

    So happy you are happy! Might have something to do with football season, you think? Bet the game was fun. And you tear up over a song? Awwww.

  2. hopeclark says:

    And I shared your video.

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