Come To My Senses: July 28

  • Sight: Lucy learned “down.” Kind of. Assuming saying “Lucy, down. Down. Down. Down. Down. Down. Down. Down. Down. Down. Down. Lay down. Lay down. Down. Down!” while also trying to tell Harper that she’s a good girl for perfectly laying down for 45 straight seconds of commands means she has learned it. But eventually, she lays her stubborn butt down. That brings her number of tricks up to “sit”,  “down”, and “stay.” We’re slowly getting there.
  • Sound: I bought Paramore’s new album, After Laughter, the week it was released. But I’m just now getting around to listening to it for some reason. And I love it! It’s a very calm, relaxing album. Definitely one that will stay on repeat on the work iPod. It’s also very 80s-tinged, like seemingly everything else lately. But that ain’t a bad thing. Huge fan of Forgiveness, so give it a listen!
  • Taste: Rant time! I have a Bojangles $8.99 coupon for an 8 piece chicken box with 4 biscuits. I went to pick one up Saturday, so that I could stretch it into a couple nights’ worth of dinner. But when I get up to order, I was told “We don’t have anything but wings and thighs right now. Sorry.” Uh. What? How does a chicken fast food chain not have… chicken? No one’s ordering 8 thighs. Get the F out of here. So I stubbornly went to Cookout instead. Watermelon milkshakes are my jam! Side note… Lunch Roulette this week was Pollo Royal. It’s a super sketchy place with delicious fried chicken.
  • Feel: I was all prepared to write about how conflicted I’ve been lately. With dating. With coworkers. With finances. With my house. With Lucy. But Thursday evening changed that. Something I had planned worked out really well. And I took Harper to Park Road Park (…nope, not confusing at all) because it finally wasn’t a million degrees and to walk around the lake where there was a saxophonist jamming out. So it was a good day. We’ll save the #emo stuff for another week.

And with that, we say goodbye to July!

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2 Responses to Come To My Senses: July 28

  1. hopeclark says:

    Yay, Lucy! You don’t take her to the park yet?

    • No. Shes stubborn on a leash too. She has a hard enough time not barking at garage doors opening around the neighborhood. She’d go crazy at a park with people and ducks.

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