Come To My Senses: July 14

In my last post, I mentioned how I wanted to get back into a routine of writing regularly again.

I have a feeling this is going to be a work in progress. I asked San Diego (who’s actually now San Francisco but whatever… don’t care! Nicknames don’t change) for some advice. But one of them was legitimately a weekly account of trying to keep a plant alive.

So here we are.

For sure, not doing that.

  • Sight: Chris D’Elia’s new special, Man on Fire, came out June 27th and it’s hilarious. If you’re a fan of stand up comedy and have an hour, give it a shot.
  • Sound: A couple of weeks ago, my Nashville BFF pointed me Jordan Davis’ way under the premise that his new single is “country pop punk.” Uh. Say no more, please. Just listen.
  • Taste: Bar-B-Q King was the Lunch Roulette roll this past Tuesday. I had the 1/4 bar-b-q chicken tray. Delicious, as always. I also met some coworkers at Carolina Ale House Wednesday night and had the Buffalo Blue Burger.
  • Feel: The last couple of weeks have been incredibly frustrating. I got an awesome new puppy Lucy… who’s incredibly stubborn and isn’t doing a great job listening to training. I love my job… but up until about Tuesday, it’s been kicking my butt. I’m totally into an adorable girl… who only wants to be friends. Maybe it’s time to take the Jessica Day approach and be overly optimistic? Lucy kinda sits on command if I’m holding food, the job has finally settled down a bit, and I may have promised the girl homemade cookies this weekend. What can go wrong?

I started my What I Learned entry back in July 2012 (what?!?!) and I thought it’d be appropriate to try something new for the next five years. So what do you think? And how was your week?

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3 Responses to Come To My Senses: July 14

  1. hopeclark says:

    And I”m supposed to pretend I didn’t see a comment about this anonymous girl?

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