3rd Quarter Report – 2016

It’s October (wait… how did it become October?). That means it’s time to check in on all of those goals I’m sure I’ve long since forgotten about. It also means this may be my last Quarterly Report I’m typing that’s not in my new house. Which is an incredibly foreign, weird, exciting thing to think about!

  • 12 Books:
  • 12,000 Dollars:
    • 3Q projection – $9,000
    • 3Q actual – $13,513.38
    • I’m leaving this picture here. Because it still hasn’t really dawned on me that I bought a freakin’ house! With an updated “proof of life” picture to prove I actually own a roof, windows, and driveway now. Wild!
      My Freakin House     2016-09-25-house
      Another perk to going through a breakup? Fewer dinners to pay for. No more 15-mile-one-way trips to visit several times a week. Which all translates to more money in the bank and beating my 2016 goal by the 3rd quarter. That’s a good thing because at some point this quarter, I’ll be dumping a good chunk of that change into a hefty down payment on the house. Or furnishing rooms I’ve never had to furnish before. 2017’s saving goal may be a bit less aggressive…
  • 12 Parks:
    • 3Q projection – 9
    • 3Q actual – 5
    • Fell further and further behind on this one. The only park I visited this quarter was Sesquicentennial State Park in Columbia. It was in July at that, which is one of the very worst times to ever be outside in Columbia. At this point in the year, I’m probably modifying this to just try and hit a sixth park and get half of my intended goal. The fall’s a busy quarter!
  • 12,000 Push-ups/Sit-ups:
    • 3Q projection – 9,000
    • 3Q actual – 1,193
    • Hahahahahahaha. Moving on.
  • 12 Football Games:
    • 3Q projection – 9
    • 3Q actual – 1
    • Toss this one out the window too. I skipped going to Auburn because my brother got busy and tickets got expensive. I skipped the Troy game in Clemson to hang out with three year olds at my nephew’s birthday party. I went to the SC State game the next week. The original plan was to go to Atlanta for the Georgia Tech game on Thursday and visit the College Football Hall of Fame and the Atlanta Zoo on Friday. But things change. Which brings us to today – the morning of the #3 Louisville vs #5 Clemson game. I’m watching Gameday from Bowman Field as I type this. I’m going to the game tonight. And it’s going to be insane! Go Tigers!
  • 12,000 Gamerscore:
    • 3Q projection – 9,000
    • 3Q actual – 7,285
    • I fell a bit further behind this quarter but I’m still earning points! It is a bit daunting to think I still need to get almost 5,000 in three months, to be honest. Especially when most achievements in video games are between 20 and 50 points. I completed Oxenfree. I’ve picked up some WWE 2K16, Mirror’s Edge, and Destiny: Rise of Iron achievements too. I still want to grab the BioShock: The Collection (over 3,800 itself). Gears of War 4 comes out in a week. Watch Dogs 2 comes out in November. There’s my 5,000 gamerscore right there! Easy peasy, right?
  • 12 Pounds:
    • 3Q projection – -9.0
    • 3Q actual – -1.5
    • Another goal that won’t be reached unless I go full-on bulimic. I’ve officially moved into the negative territory, which is good! But this is also the time of year when Halloween, birthday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas treats and meals hit the hardest. If I stay below 0 for the year, I’ll chalk this one up as a moral victory.

Well… This quarter’s been a roller coaster. It started low. It’s kind of high now. Somewhere in the middle, I’ve finished up my books and savings goals for the year but lost hope for the football games and weight one. My 4th Quarter’s looking to shape up big for my video game numbers.

Hope you’re doing well on your 2016 resolutions!

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