What I Learned: August 19, 2016

It’s been awhile. What up, fools?

  • I’ve seen so many movies! I went to see Pete’s Dragon last weekend. It was good and made me sad thinking about losing my dog one day. [Side note: Bryce Dallas Howard got some hips somewhere along the way! Mmm girl!] Disney’s always good for those teary eyes. The week before was Suicide Squad which was… okay? Marvel sets their characters up better, which means you naturally care about them more. Get it together, DC! The Secret Life of Pets was the week before that. I wasn’t in love with it but it was a cute animated movie. Not sure what’s up on deck this weekend… Sausage Party? War Dogs?
  • Since the last entry, I saw Mariana’s Trench in Raleigh and had such an amazing time! It may be the best show I’ve seen from them. And I left with a guitar pick from the bassist! Then last week, I saw Motion City Soundtrack play their last show in Charlotte. The set list was borderline perfect. I got to give my second ticket to a new friend-of-a-friend who really wanted to go. Then I proceeded to spend entirely too much money on a tour shirt and this city-specific tour poster that will absolutely be framed and hanging in my new house.2016 MCS Poster
  • Speaking of the new house… I wrapped up my Design Center appointment. Almost entirely solo too [I’m claiming credit for everything but the kitchen countertop], so I’m pretty excited about that. My house is now officially has colors. And floors. And counters. And everything else all picked out! I’m just waiting on permits to go through and then construction can start. I didn’t get my blue house that I wanted (a neighbor snagged that color before I had a chance) but I get to go with grey instead. I’m excited about my color scheme. The lady helping me described the design as a “soft” guy house that doesn’t scream bachelor.
    Design Center Outside     Design Center Inside
  • I’ve been thinking about growing my hair back out. Only getting it regularly cut and maintained this time instead of just letting it run wild for a couple of months. I’ve also been thinking hard about a tattoo. Ever since last year, I’ve been kicking around an idea to incorporate and mash up my home state with the Clemson tiger paw. But after seeing Marianas Trench lead man Josh Ramsay’s new ink last week, I’m really liking the idea of getting something Harper related.

    B,b,b,Bennie and the jetsssssss

    A post shared by josh ramsay (@joshramsayofficial) on

    Not necessarily in the same spot… But I like the outline idea. We’ll see. I feel like I need to drastically change something and that would fit the bill.

  • So… I’m seeing a therapist. I’ve had an initial phone call to feel out my level of comfortability several weeks ago. I had my first appointment last week to get to know one another. And I had my second appointment this past week where things got a little real. A couple of years ago, I wouldn’t have considered going to one, much less telling the world about it online. But there are things I need help… professional help… to try to improve. And if I’m being completely honest, it’s terrifying. I’m letting a complete stranger into the very inner circle of who I am as a person. That goes against every instinct I have. And because of it, I’m mentally drained after every session so far. I come home and have no energy or motivation to do much of anything. But you know what?

    It’s working.

    She was surprised I led with describing myself as an introvert because she said it didn’t appear as though I had any problem talking to her. She’s been impressed with how introspective I am and how much I know about myself, my flaws, and my areas I want to improve. She’s excited with how hard I push and challenge myself for personal growth. And in the first two sessions, she’s got me pegged and has given me homework I’m dreading and excited for at the same time. It’s hard. And exhausting. But I’m so glad I’m doing it. Because it’s going to make me a better person. Which is why I’m not nearly as scared to casually discuss my mental health and well being anymore. Up next on the list? Verbalizing my feelings…

Anything in store for your weekend? I’ve got Volunteer Orientation with the animal shelter to hop back into that. It’s one of the few weekends of calm before the storm that is college football gets geared back up. Can’t wait!

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One Response to What I Learned: August 19, 2016

  1. hopeclark says:

    Hearing a difference in your voice already. And I like the tattoo idea.

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