What I Learned: July 15, 2016

  • Nintendo is releasing the NES Classic Edition this November with 30 games for $60. I’m making this the first bullet point, so if you only stick around for one, you don’t miss the coolest piece of news this year. It’s a baby Nintendo. With 30 AMAZING games. For $60. I’m buying this on day one. I may buy this for my brother on day one. And my nephews. And you. Because that’s how damn cool this thing is. NES Classic
  • I’ve finally gotten around to reading the Harry Potter books. I think I was outside the typical age range when they were first released, so I missed the initial phenomenon. But they’re quick, entertaining reads so far. I powered through the first one in 10 days, the second in 11, and the third in 10. The fourth’s a tad longer, so it may take me a few more days but I’m through 230 pages in 4 days so far. I even stopped along the way earlier this week to rent the first movie. It seems a little dated and I enjoyed the book much more than the movie… but I’ll give them all an honest shot. It’s hard to argue against the books being modern classics at this point, so give them a read if you’re still in the dark.
  • I hit Sesquicentennial State Park last Saturday. It’s my 5th state park this year, so I’m making a bit of progress. I needed to get out of the house, so Harper and I scooted down to Columbia to make a day hike out of it. Unfortunately, Columbia in the summer is hotter than hell itself, so we weren’t able to really explore. We did a two mile loop around their pond/lake and even that was probably too far and hot for Harper. It’d be nice to re-explore when it’s a bit cooler outside.
  • I went to see The Shallows last Friday night. Given that there aren’t hardly any actors in it (I’d argue that a seagull is the second or third most prominent character in the movie), it was a pretty decent “go zone out at the movies” flick. It doesn’t hurt that it’s 90 minutes of Blake Lively in a skin tight bikini and wet suit either. But there were some gorgeous surfing and ocean shots in the movie too. Reminded me so much of Hawaii.
  • I re-applied to volunteer at the CMPD Animal Care and Control shelter this week. It’s nice to work a job that doesn’t kill off any desire to do much outside of work again. But it’ll be nice to interact with and walk dogs again too. It’s a good way to get them out of their kennels and get both of us some exercise on the weekends. Another perk of the new job is they give us eight hours of paid volunteer time. So I will be taking advantage of that, for sure.

This week was a roller coaster, so I’m a little glad to finally see the weekend. Tonight will probably hold another movie in store. I’m thinking Ghostbusters, maybe? If it’s not too crowded. If that’s a wash, I may settle for The Secret Life of Pets. Or Central Intelligence if I get really desperate.

Hope your weekend’s great!

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One Response to What I Learned: July 15, 2016

  1. hopeclark says:

    Okay, The Shallows is NOT on my list of movies. And I’m sure those dogs will enjoy having you at animal control. You have a way with them, especially the big ones. Enjoy your weekend.

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