Recapping 2015

2015 was a significant year in the timeline of my life.

Fifteen years ago, I made the turn towards my last 6 months of high school. Ten years ago, I graduated from Clemson with my undergraduate degree. Five years ago, I quit my job in Chapin and traveled the country on my own.

So how did this year turn out?

  • FSU and Bama got beat in the first playoff to set up an Oregon/Ohio State title game
  • Lost guy #1 at work
  • My dad sold his house in Alaska
  • A new Fall Out Boy album came out and I was incredibly unimpressed
  • I started P90X
  • Saw Motion City Soundtrack in concert for the first time
  • Saw Ingrid Michaelson in concert
  • Better Call Saul premiered on AMC and was excellent
  • Upped my IPTAY donation to the $1600 level for season tickets
  • Accepted a supervisor position at work
  • Bridge Run #9 (8th consecutive)
  • Called 911 because of yelling and crying from a neighboring apartment at 3am
  • Went to my first Charlotte Hornets’ game where they won 102-78
  • My brother got a new job close to home
  • Found out coleslaw, sriracha sauce, and peanut butter isn’t bad on a hamburger
  • Lost guy #2 at work
  • Tried geocaching for the first time
  • Crossed my 50th state off the list by landing in Hawaii!
  • Tried poke (raw ahi tuna) for the first, then second, time
  • Visited Oahu, Hawaii, and Kauai islands
  • Rode in my first helicopter
  • Went to a college friend’s wedding in St. Augustine
  • Lost girl #3 at work
  • Volunteered for Habitat through work for the 2nd consecutive year
  • The House of Wolves Destiny update came out
  • My oldest nephew graduated high school
  • Hit 100,000 miles on my truck
  • Took a day off of work to stay at home and watch E3 press conferences
  • There was a shooting in an AME church in Charleston
  • The confederate flag came down from South Carolina’s statehouse grounds
  • Gay marriage was declared legal by the Supreme Court
  • I made it three years at work
  • My mom and step dad bought a new boat
  • Work was audited by the CFPB
  • Saw Wiz Khalifa and Fall Out Boy in concert
  • My step brother bought a Dodge Challenger – my dream car
  • Inadvertently took a sick day and watched the Gamescom conference
  • Lost guy #4 at work
  • Went to Carowinds for the first time since I’ve lived in Charlotte
  • My mom and step dad built a super cool treehouse for my nephew
  • Attended my first game as a season ticket holder since 2009
  • Game #2 with San Diego
  • Planned a family trip to Louisville for Game #3
  • Visited Kentucky’s football stadium and all nine Bourbon Trail distilleries
  • The Taken King Destiny update came out
  • Game #4 against Notre Dame was my favorite game I’ve ever attended
  • Columbia and much of South Carolina flooded
  • Game #5 with San Diego
  • Steve Spurrier quit on South Carolina’s football team
  • Lost guy #5 at work
  • Game #6
  • Read Harper Lee’s Go Set A Watchman
  • Game #1 (Miami) I missed
  • A new Marianas Trench album came out and it’s my new favorite album
  • Halo 5 came out
  • Game #7 in Raleigh with S&T for Halloween
  • Clemson was ranked #1 in the College Football Playoff poll
  • Game #8 against FSU to clench the ACC Atlantic Title
  • Game #2 (Syracuse) I missed
  • Adele’s When We Were Young blew my mind
  • Game #9 to close out the home games for 2015
  • The Citadel beat South Carolina
  • Hiked 12-ish miles with San Diego at Table Rock State Park
  • Charlotte Turkey Trot #4
  • Game #3 (South Carolina) I missed
  • Clemson finished 12-0 for the first time in my lifetime
  • Game #10 in Charlotte for the ACC Championship Game to finish 13-0
  • Bought Orange Bowl tickets in Miami
  • Saw Senses Fail and Silverstein in concert
  • Met my new nephew (DJ)
  • Bought two Adele tickets for October 2016 in Atlanta
  • Lost girl #6 at work
  • Christmas’ed in Summerville, Chapin, and Columbia
  • I’ll ring in the New Year in Miami with my brother in front of Game #11

But before we turn the page to 2016, how’d those resolutions for this year go?

Spoiler alert: Not very well.

  • 15 Books:
    • 4Q projection – 15
    • 4Q actual – 10
    • Another year to take a swing at 15 books, another year I came up short. The only book I’ve finished in the 4th quarter is Harper Lee’s Go Set A Watchman. I’m about 60% of the way through Halo: Contact Harvest but I couldn’t ever muster up the motivation to knock it out by the end of the year. My favorite this year was probably Halo: The Fall of Reach by Eric Nylund.
  • 90 Days:
    • 4Q projection – 90
    • 4Q actual – 90
    • I finally took down the monster that is P90X! I started on January 26th and made a good effort at religiously doing each workout on its intended day. There were a few of them I put off until the rest days and I took my Hawaii trip around the rest week of the second month. But I rallied after Hawaii and finished everything up.
  • 12 Parks:
    • 4Q projection – 12
    • 4Q actual – 7
    • The good news is that I had a pretty good 4th quarter. I visited three parks in the last three months: Cheraw State Park for a 4.5 mile hike with Harper, a stop at H Cooper Black Jr Recreation Area for my stamp, and then the 12 mile hike with San Diego at Table Rock State Park. The bad news is that I still fell five parks short. Adding so many football games (10 of a possible 13) this fall certainly occupied weekends that would have been park weekends in previous years. I just have to be better at time management!
  • 2 Trips:
    • 4Q projection – 2
    • 4Q actual – 4
    • I had this one in the bag by May with the trip to Hawaii and then the followup weekend in St. Augustine for a friend’s wedding. But then the family made a week out of the Clemson/Louisville game in September to push me over the top. All three trips were vastly different but amazing experiences.
      Edit: Lost in the mix was being in Miami for the Orange Bowl on New Year’s Eve. I was chalking this trip up to 2016 but let’s count it!
  • 200 Pages:
    • 4Q projection – 200
    • 4Q actual – 0
    • Nothing to see here. I didn’t make much of an effort to even outline a draft of my story traveling the country, much less write 200 pages’ worth. I’ll go through periods where I really want to sit down and knock it out. And I never do before the feeling subsides. One day…
  • 2 Tattoos:
    • 4Q projection – 2
    • 4Q actual – 0
    • No ink made its way onto me either. I had downloaded some pictures to put together a draft of what I wanted. And I had looked up which tattoo place I wanted to talk with. But then life and Clemson football got in the way. So this will have to wait.
  • 1 Rental:
    • 4Q projection – 1
    • 4Q actual – 0
    • Most of my money stayed in my bank account this year. The idea was to look into buying a rental house as a way to earn a better return on my money than the measly interest rate in my savings account. So on one hand, I didn’t follow through on the resolution to buy a house. But on the other, I was able to upgrade my savings account to Bank of America’s Preferred Rewards program. So at least I’m earning a better return on my money than I was at the beginning of the year. Baby steps…
  • 4 Season Tickets:
    • 4Q projection – 4
    • 4Q actual – 4
    • 2015 had been setting itself up for me to jump back into the Clemson season ticket game. Clemson was playing in Louisville for the first time and I had been looking for an excuse to go back to tour the Bourbon Trail. Notre Dame was playing in Clemson for only the second time ever. Florida State was coming to Clemson in November for a game that usually decides the division winner. What’s not to like about that? The 13-0 record and #1 playoff ranking have been icing on the cake though. It’s been a great year to be a Clemson fan.
  • 100 Photo Pages:
    • 4Q projection – 100
    • 4Q actual – 0
    • I made it as far in making a photo book of my cross-country trip as I did with writing a memoir. I guess technically, I made it a step further since I actually created an account with MyPublisher. But outside of that, both projects are still stuck in neutral at the starting line.
  • 4 Concerts:
    • 4Q projection – 4
    • 4Q actual – 4
    • In a photo-finish, I added my fourth concert on December 10th. I went to see Silverstein, Senses Fail, Hundredth, and Capsize at Amos’ Southend. I tried to add a little of everything this year. Motion City Soundtrack fits into the pop punk genre. Ingrid Michaelson is indie pop. Fall Out Boy is more of a rock band now. Wiz Khalifa is rap. Silverstein and Senses Fail are post-hardcore. So there’s something for everyone!

The final tally looks like four resolutions met, two came up short, and four never made it past the drawing board. I started the year ambitious with ten resolutions and the end results show. But I’m glad I added some new goals to try out even if they did come up short.

How did your 2015 treat you? I hope you were able to accomplish some of your own goals.

And with that, we’re outta here 2015! Beginning at 4pm, my brother and I are closing out the year in Sun Life Stadium watching Clemson take on Oklahoma. So one way or another, the end of 2015 is going to set the tone for how I ring in 2016. Here’s to hoping it’s for the better! Go Tigers!

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