What I Learned: December 25, 2015

  • An 18 year old was shot and killed yesterday at Northlake Mall in Charlotte. It sounds like a pretty open-and-shut case, given that two groups argued, fought, then exchanged gunfire before an undercover cop took out one of the shooters. But it’s unfortunate it happened in a crowded mall on Christmas Eve. Not only was a life taken but now countless families are affected by the whole situation. Just do what you’re supposed to, people. Chances are, you won’t get shot doing it.
  • Tremont Music Hall in Charlotte closed last Saturday. It bums me out to see local music venues shut down, as that just leaves The Fillmore and Amos’ Southend as the small venues left that bands I listen to will play. But I’ve got a history with Tremont. My “first” show was seeing Good Charlotte with the Halo Friendlies in 2002 at Tremont. Throughout college, Tremont was a familiar spot, seeing everyone from My Chemical Romance to Hawthorne Heights to Story of the Year. So it’s disappointing to see the place that started it all for me shut down to make room for more condos and apartments in an already crowded area.
  • Speaking of music, I’m now the proud owner of two Adele tickets to the October 28th show in Atlanta, Georgia. With the mad dash for crazy fans bombarding the internet, I was helping San Diego add another Ticketmaster window in the digital line to buy tickets. As it turns out, Ticketmaster likes me more than most, so I had no problem getting two. Now, I just need Clemson to not schedule the Boston College game for that weekend. Which means Clemson will schedule the Boston College game for that weekend.
  • This year’s wrapping job is dedicated to my trip to Hawaii earlier this year to cross off my 50th state. I stumbled onto the paper at Paper Source in South Park. One of the employees told me it was a brand new design they had just put out that they were launching for the Spring. The paper flowers and rope came from blindly wandering the aisles of Michael’s. Side note: There are a LOT of white girls wearing yoga pants in craft stores this time of year. 2015 Christmas Wrapping
  • Last but not least, I got to meet my new nephew! This one’s nickname is DJ (to complement FJ’s nickname). This means I just have another kid to pay IPTAY dues for now. Because, under no circumstances, am I allowing these kids to not be Clemson fans! But really, it’s cool to have another nephew around. It’ll be really fun in a couple of years when they’re just tiny humans running around. DJ

Merry Christmas, y’all! Hope you’re enjoying your holiday with your families, wherever you may be! May the presents – not the coal – find their way under your tree. See you guys next year!

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One Response to What I Learned: December 25, 2015

  1. C Hope Clark says:

    Merry Christmas, Sweetie!

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