What I Learned: November 27, 2015

  • Spontaneous visit by San Diego resulted in a spontaneous day off on Monday to go hiking. I crossed my 7th state park off my resolutions list with my trip to Table Rock in Pickens, SC. We got there a little before 11am and checked in at the visitor’s center where a sweet little old lady told us we wouldn’t have time to hike the route we were eyeing. Naturally, that just made Stubborn Matt mentally say “Oh yeah? Watch this.” Sure enough, we hiked the 4.2 miles up Pinnacle Mountain to the summit. Then the 1.9 miles on the Ridge Trail. Then the 1.5-ish up to the Table Rock summit. And finally, the 3.6 back down the Table Rock Trail to the parking lot by 4:30. With 30 minutes to spare. I’m still sore from walking roughly 12 miles – and topping a 3,425′ and 3,124′ mountain – in 6 hours… but damn if I didn’t prove that lady wrong!
  • I crushed my expectations in my 4th consecutive Charlotte Turkey Trot. Given how sore I was from the hiking, I told myself anything under 35 minutes was perfect since I hadn’t run since early last week and nothing longer than 2 miles. But I finished in 32:55 clock time (31:03 chip time). And that included a minute break to walk at the 20:00 mark and another at the 25:00 mark. I’ve got another test coming up next weekend in the ACC Fan 5K.
  • Speaking of the ACC, I wrapped up my first football season since 2009 with season tickets. I originally got tickets because of the Notre Dame and Florida State home games. But I wasn’t expecting Clemson to make a clean sweep at 7-0 at home this year. So that was a nice treat. With my dad moving back from Alaska this year, it was also good to spend some time with him at his first games in years, as he made it to every game except Florida State. It ended on a high note with Military Appreciation Day, complete with a C-17 flyover, purple uniforms, and a chilling fallen soldier salute at halftime. Clemson has perfected it’s military appreciation ceremony.
  • South Carolina. LOST. To. The. Citadel.
  • With San Diego in town, we swapped albums. She got a copy of Marianas Trench’s Astoria and I got Adele’s 25. For as big a fan as I am of Hello and When We Were Young (the live version released on YouTube is better than the album version, unfortunately), the rest of the album just doesn’t do it for me (AbsolutePunk’s review seems to agree). Props to her for absolutely destroying the market though, selling 2.433 million copies in 3 days. It broke the record previously held by NSync since 2000. There’s a tiny caveat though, as Adele’s numbers include digital purchases and NSync is physical copies (which is mind blowing). But it’s good to know there are still a handful of powerful movers in the music industry who aren’t completely fabricated, commercial brands.

It’s Rivalry Week! So I’ll be making the annual trek to Chapin for our family get together, sitting in front of the TV for 12 hours, stuffing our faces with chicken wings, watching the best week of college football.

Go Tigers!

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One Response to What I Learned: November 27, 2015

  1. C Hope Clark says:

    Happy Football Day! You get to help me make sausage balls when you get home. The orange flags are flying. Oh….saw a Carolina fan today and she said don’t whip them up too hard tomorrow…and said she became a Carolina Panther fan this year for the first time because she saw no point watching her Gamecocks. Bam!

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