What I Learned: October 23, 2015

  • Stephen Orr Spurrier quit. The man who often openly mocked his own players’ commitment to the team just quit on his own team. He gave a lot of excuses. The media bought a lot of them because he had given plenty of soundbites over the years. But at the end of the day, he quit because winning wasn’t easy anymore. Once it got tough, he turned his back on his team and walked away. Good riddance, old ball coach.
  • Marianas Trench’s new cd Astoria is out today! It’s been four (?!?!) years since their last album. I’m still a tad bitter that the closest stop on their Hey You Guys Tour isn’t coming remotely close to Charlotte. But I’ve got fingers crossed for a spring/summer tour that comes back south enough for me to catch. The music, on the other hand, has me so pumped. The Wildfire single is so perfectly Marianas Trench! 
  • I’m a little shocked at how easy I’ve stepped away from Destiny. The new content isn’t that old but I just needed a break. I guess 600+ hours will do that to you. In it’s place, I’ve picked up a couple of good games. Three Fourths Home is a visual novel, narrative game that follows a young 20s girl named Kelly over an hour or two as she drives across rural Nebraska, on the phone with her flawed family. I’m also replaying Mass Effect 2 to wrap up some achievements I never picked up back in 2010. The goal is to be finished by Monday evening, as I’m running to Best Buy at midnight to pick up my copy of Halo 5. I’ll never not be there on launch day to get a Halo game.
  • Last year, I picked up a copy of Home Alone so my brother, sister in law, and I could watch it around Christmas time. It’s a movie my brother and I wore out growing up, so I thought it’d be fun to tie it back into a yearly tradition. This year for Halloween, I got an urge to watch A Nightmare Before Christmas. On Tuesday, I picked up a copy of it to watch before the 31st rolls around. Feel free to stop me if I’ve got an Arbor Day or Columbus Day movie lined up in a few years.
  • Fall Out Boy announced a spring tour – Wintour is Coming – last week with AWOLNATION and PVRIS. It’s another tour where I’m not crazy about the supporting acts but it’s always hard to say no to a FOB show. The closest dates to me are Charleston, SC and Charlottesville, VA. I tried getting tickets in the pit on the FOB presale day, the arena’s presale day, and the general admission day with no luck. So looks like I’ve gotta flex my “FOB fan with real money” muscle on StubHub at some point to snag a ticket. They also released their contribution to the new We Love Disney compilation. I don’t hate it.

It’s a rare weekend I’m not traveling for a football game. It’s actually the first game this season I won’t be attending since my Tigers are down in South Beach to play Miami. So I hope you enjoy your weekend as much as I’ll enjoy catching my breath on mine.

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One Response to What I Learned: October 23, 2015

  1. C Hope Clark says:

    Bye bye Spurrier! Don’t let the screen door…..

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