What I Learned: October 2, 2015

  • I passed on Lunch Roulette this week. We celebrated a birthday at work and I knocked it out of the park with a s’mores cookie recipe. But since my last entry, we went to Eddie’s Place in Charlotte before Louisville. Then I hit Krystals (delicious!), Frisch’s Big Boy, Frankfort Avenue Beer Depot, Manny & Merle, Z’s Oyster Bar & Steakhouse (Worst decision ever, Angela), Mark’s Feed Store (best decision ever, me!), Sidebar (amazing hamburgers!), and Havana Rumba. Overall, I’d say it was a pretty successful trip on the food front.
  • The Taken King expansion for Destiny came out the Tuesday I was in Kentucky for the Clemson game. Originally, I just chalked it up as unfortunate that I’d have to wait a week before diving in. But when you’ve got over 600 hours invested into a game that’s a little over a year old, you bring your Xbox One with you on the road! I’m not sure I’ve ever put this much time into a game. Maybe Halo 2 and Halo 3 during college? Either way, it’s no coincidence that both of those series are made by Bungie.
  • Edisto Jinx, my mom’s second book in her Edisto Island Mystery series, has been released into the wild! I read a draft back when I was in Hawaii but I’ve got the physical copy in the mail on the way here. It’s also on Kindle if that’s how you choose to ingest your words. It was also my mom’s birthday yesterday. So buy this book if you enjoy:
    • Callie Jean Morgan
    • Me
    • The beach or Edisto Island
    • Words with an X in them
    • South Carolina
    • My mom
    • Blue book covers (seriously… look at your bookshelf. It’s an underutilized color)

  • Speaking of birthdays… Harper turns 5 on Sunday, October 4th. That’s hard for me to wrap my mind around. I’ve never done anything for 5 years (except elementary school… and college if you stretch the rules and combine undergrad and graduate school) but I’ve toughed it out with this girl since I got back from my trip around the country. We’re making a whirlwind trip around South Carolina this weekend but come Sunday night, there’s a rib eye steak chilling in the refrigerator with her name on it. Happy birthday, girl!
  • ESPN’s College Gameday is coming to Clemson this weekend for the game! This will be their 4th trip: 2006 for Georgia Tech, 2013 for Georgia, and 2013 for Florida State. They won the first two and lost the last one in spectacular fashion. You’d think that means Clemson’s due for a loss. But au contraire mon frere… I wasn’t at the Florida State game. And I was at the Georgia Tech and Georgia games. And I will be at the Notre Dame game. So I’m the key! It’s all in my hands! Bet the house* on Clemson winning this one!

* Please don’t bet your house…

October’s here, guys! It’s my 2nd favorite month (miles behind November and just ahead of December), so kick it off right. I’ll be in Clemson at the Notre Dame game, cheering my Tigers on while being drenched by the aftermath of Hurricane Joaquin!

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One Response to What I Learned: October 2, 2015

  1. C Hope Clark says:

    Thanks for the shout out about Edisto Jinx! And had a ball with you in KY. I’d love going back to Louisville again in 2 years when there’s another Clemson away game. And I get to babysit Harper for the Notre Dame game – yay grandpuppy! Happy birthday, Harper.

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