3rd Quarter Report – 2015

Another 2015 Resolutions update, another day after baking cookies for the office.

The smore cookies were amazing. This past quarter, unfortunately, was not. I lost a lot of ground on any progress I was making. That’s not a good look, Mr. Jerdan!

So let’s get to it.

  • 15 Books:
    • 3Q projection – 11.25
    • 3Q actual – 9
    • The bad news is that I only read two books this past quarter. The good news is that both of those books were excellent! Halo: First Strike and Halo: Ghosts of Onyx – both by Eric Nylund – were fantastic followups to the less than stellar Halo: The Flood I read back in April. If we’re being honest, I should have finished Harper Lee’s Go Set A Watchman by now. But I’ve made excuses for other things and I’m only 125 pages into it. One day, I’ll finish one of these reading goals I set for myself.
  • 90 Days:
    • 3Q projection – 67.5
    • 3Q actual – 90
    • About the only update I’ve got on this one is that I think I’ve lost all gains I made in P90X by now. I wrapped up the program in May and about the only exercise I’ve done since – aside from walking Harper – are two 5Ks.
  • 12 Parks:
    • 3Q projection – 9
    • 3Q actual – 4
    • Talk about slacking. I went to a grand total of zero South Carolina state parks this quarter. Not good. And unfortunately, I don’t have many weekends between now and 2016 to add to the count with football season underway. Let’s see if I can’t sneak a park or two in there by the end of the year. I’m determined to keep this on my list until I’ve visited all 47 parks but this may need to shift into a resolution accomplished each Spring.
  • 2 Trips:
    • 3Q projection – 1.5
    • 3Q actual – 3
    • Even though my trips to Hawaii and St. Augustine, Florida back in April and May wrapped this resolution up, I made another stop on the vacation of life. Clemson played Louisville for the first time in Kentucky on September 17th. As soon as it was announced that Louisville would be joining the conference several years ago, I marked it on the calendar as a destination to visit (again). So the family (mom/step dad, dad/step mom, brother/sister in law, and aunt/uncle/cousin/cousin’s wife/cousin’s best friend/cousin’s best friend’s wife) made a vacation out of it. I was in town from the 15th through the 20th, crossed all nine stops on the Bourbon Trail off, hit the Louisville Slugger factory (again), and took in the game. Clemson won 20-17 but it would have been a successful trip without the win.
  • 200 Pages:
    • 3Q projection – 150
    • 3Q actual – 0
    • Yup. Par for the course. Still no pages written on a book following my trip around the country. My 5 year anniversary was September 7th. Crazy!
  • 2 Tattoos:
    • 3Q projection – 1.5
    • 3Q actual – 0
    • See above. There was a weekend a couple of weeks ago where I toyed with going to a shop to talk to someone about the whole process. And I have a rough sketch drawn out of what I want a tattoo of. So there has been a minuscule step in the forward direction. But not much else to report in on this one.
  • 1 Rental:
    • 3Q projection – 0.75
    • 3Q actual – 0
    • I actually met with a realtor in Columbia back in the summer to look at a house on the market across the street from my brother. But it was priced too high for my blood and I walked away. Since then, I’ve lost the immediate itch to buy a house, so it looks like this one will have to happen on another year’s list.
  • 4 Season Tickets:
    • 3Q projection – 3
    • 3Q actual – 4
    • This is the best resolution and a big reason why the rest of the list struggling behind. September through December, I have roughly one weekend a month that isn’t already obligated to Clemson football and/or the fall holidays. I’ve been to the Wofford game on September 5th and the Appalachian State game on September 12th. I love being back in Clemson on a regular basis.
  • 100 Photo Pages:
    • 3Q projection – 75
    • 3Q actual – 0
    • Another minuscule step in the right direction without having much of a tangible result. The goal is to create a 100 page photo book chronicling my trip through the United States. I still don’t have a page to show for it. But I have signed up for an account with MyPublisher and created the first leg (September) of my trip in Google Maps. Take a look!
  • 4 Concerts:
    • 3Q projection – 3
    • 3Q actual – 3
    • I took my annual “I’m too old to be in the pit with these kids” trip to the Fall Out Boy tour stop in Charlotte. They played with Hoodie Allen (eh…) and Wiz Khalifa (not my thing but much better than expected) in what’s probably the weirdest lineup for a concert I’ve ever been to. Even though I’m not impressed with their latest album, I still turn into a gigantic fanboy on the day of the show. I don’t have anything else this year lined up but there is a Silverstein and Senses Fail show in Charlotte on December 10th I may try to make. I was holding out hope for a regional stop on the Marianas Trench tour but the closest they’re coming is Pennsylvania, maybe? Such a bummer!

Well, from a resolution standpoint, it’s been a pretty unproductive quarter. But with 2 home and an away game down and another 5 home and an away game on the horizon, the 4th Quarter is shaping up to be a busy one.

How are we only 90 days away from a new year? But more importantly, how was your 3rd Quarter?

P.S. Happy Birthday, Chope!

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