What I Learned: July 2, 2015

  • I finally picked up Gone Home last weekend. It’s an exploration game from 2013 set in Oregon in 1995. You’re a college-aged girl coming home to a new house your family moved in to while you were backpacking your way through Europe. Only when you get there, there’s a bad thunderstorm, no one looks like they’re home, and there’s a note on the door from your younger sister apologizing for not being there and to not look for clues as to where she is but she’ll see you again one day. So naturally, it’s time to look for clues where she is! The “thunderstorm at night” setting is super eerie and it was spooky trying to play at night since you were expecting something to catch you off guard. But the game was an excellent coming-of-age story that combined complicated family dynamics. So good. It’s games like this people who discredit video games need to play to realize the kind of impact they can have.
  • Lunch Roulette this week was Zada Jane’s in Plaza Midwood. Their lunch menu looked a little sparse and unimpressive. Until I realized you can order breakfast food at lunch which was a game-changer. I went with the Vegless Avenger – an omelet with applewood bacon, country ham, turkey sausage, chipotle chicken, chorizo, and cheddar cheese. I rocked some sweet potato browns (think hash browns but instead of shreds of potatoes, you get chunks of sweet potatoes) that were delicious.
  • A week or two ago, someone at work decided it’d be a good idea to have a bake-off at work with coworkers competing against one another with judges determining the winner. I wanted to make an apple pie but one guy started trash talking my cookies from previous potlucks. Poking my competitive side is never a good thing if you don’t know what you’re getting into. So we wound up with a cookie, cake, cheesecake, and pie competition. I made melted snowmen cookies to show the office what it looks like when I put effort into something other than drop cookies. But what started as a friendly competition turned into vicious trash talking and hurt feelings. My cookies destroyed the other batch. The pie winner got bent out of shape because the pie loser had a better “taste” score and rubbed it in. The runner up lost a tiebreaker because the tiebreaker judge liked chocolate better than cheesecake. All the drama. It may be awhile before our department is allowed to cook each other food again.
  • This week, we’ll end with an inspirational song – Rachel Platton’s Fight Song. I stumbled onto this song when scanning radio stations in Hawaii, which has since made its way to Good Morning America to blow up. “I may only have one match but I can make an explosion” is a super strong line.

I’m heading down to the momma’s compound for the weekend to blow up stuff, eat burgers and hotdogs, and lounge by the lake with the dog and nephew.

Have a safe & happy 4th of July! Go ‘Merica!

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2 Responses to What I Learned: July 2, 2015

  1. hopeclark says:

    Love having you at the compound. It’s nice waking up to kids in the house.

  2. C Hope Clark says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed the weekend! And the snowmen cookies were great.

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