1st Quarter Report – 2015

What’s up, everybody?

It’s your favorite “only 3 entries in the first 3 months of 2015” blogger! But the good news is that I’m here with a 2015 Resolutions update! Let’s check in to see how things are going.

  • 15 Books:
    • 1Q projection – 3.75
    • 1Q actual – 3
    • I’m a tad off pace but there’s no need to panic yet, especially with long flight times coming up in the next month. I started the year off with Revival by Stephen King. Not the best but not the worst. This book made me realize how good his writing is and how it hurts his stories. The endings are almost always disappointing because of how well he paints a picture. You never want it to end, it’s that effortless. Next was Rise: A Soldier, A Dream, and A Promise Kept by Daniel Rodriguez. The writing was mediocre but it was written by a Clemson football player who received the Purple Heart and Bronze Star, so that hooked me. Last was The Fall Of Reach by Eric Nylund. It was the first Halo book (canon for the video game series) and actually really good. Instead of just being a video game book, it was a legit sci-fi book that added to the lore of the story in game.
  • 90 Days:
    • 1Q projection – 22.5
    • 1Q actual – 61
    • I had been killing my P90X schedule until the Bridge Run this past weekend. I did really well in the run (1:02) considering I had only done P90X to train. But come Monday, my legs were knotted limbs of pain. So I decided to call a timeout for the week, give my body some rest, and get back at it again next week. Only 25 more workouts and 4 more rest days until I can cross this one off my list! Side note: I saw a P90X 3 ad this weekend that boasted about 30 minute workouts. That would be heaven compared to the hour workouts right now.
  • 12 Parks:
    • 1Q projection – 3
    • 1Q actual – 2
    • I had good intentions to have this one up to 3 by this entry but my weekend didn’t go as planned.  Givhans Ferry State Park stays on the “to do” list for now. On January 18th, I went to Barnwell State Park with Harper and hiked the 1.5 mile Dogwood Interpretive Trail around one of the park’s lakes. From there, we bounced over to Aiken State Park. I really liked this one. The Edisto River runs through the park and there’s a canoe/kayak trail to take. But we just hiked the 3 mile Jungle Loop trail. The only downside was that Harper picked up a handful of ticks along the way. Can’t imagine what this place would be like in the summer.
  • 2 Trips:
    • 1Q projection – 0.5
    • 1Q actual – 0
    • No trips to report yet. But come April 20th, this guy hops a plane for Hawaii! I’m out of work for a much needed two week vacation, crossing my 50th state off of my list, and working on my resolutions – all in the same breath. I’m pretty excited for this one!
  • 200 Pages:
    • 1Q projection – 50
    • 1Q actual – 0
    • No book work. If it wouldn’t take up room in my carry-ons, I’d try to bring some stuff with me to Hawaii to work on. But I have a feeling I may be busy writing about Hawaii once I touch down. I’ll try to make this a summer project/priority.
  • 2 Tattoos:
    • 1Q projection – 0.5
    • 1Q actual – 0
    • No news here either. I did make progress though, as a friend of mine was in town a few weeks ago and she got inked up in Plaza Midwood. So I’ve at least spent some time in a tattoo parlor this quarter. This goal makes me anxious. I 100% know what I want and I’m 90% sure where I want it. But the artist variable gives me cold feet. I can have the perfect drawing and placement only for the artist to botch it. The whole point of resolutions are to push yourself though past your comfort zone though, right?
  • 1 Rental:
    • 1Q projection – 0.25
    • 1Q actual – 0
    • Or here. I’ve got the money for a down payment. I’ve got the desire to make my money make more money. I just haven’t sat down to really focus on what comes with the responsibility of owning a house, much less being a landlord. First question: Charlotte, Clemson, or Columbia?
  • 4 Season Tickets:
    • 1Q projection – 1
    • 1Q actual – 4
    • My first resolution completed! I upped my donation this year to improve my potential season tickets and then pulled the trigger on four tickets earlier in March. I don’t have my tickets in hand or even the specific seats yet but they are officially bought and paid for. Football season is months away but there’s always a reason to be excited about Clemson football!
  • 100 Photo Pages:
    • 1Q projection – 25
    • 1Q actual – 0
    • Same story here as with the other book. No progress at all. After Hawaii, I want to get started on this though, so I can have a healthy chunk taken out of it by the time the 2nd Quarter comes to a close.
  • 4 Concerts:
    • 1Q projection – 1
    • 1Q actual – 2
    • I’ve already got this one halfway finished with more to come. Motion City Soundtrack played The Fillmore here in Charlotte on February 2nd with Copeland and Better Off. MCS was touring on the 10th anniversary of their Commit This To Memory album. They were at the top of my list of “Bands I should have seen by now but hadn’t”, so it was great to cross them off. The show was amazing. Justin Pierre, their lead singer, is crazy sincere and appreciative of his fans. He is the best at interacting with the fans on Twitter. Then on February 6th, I went to see Ingrid Michaelson with Greg Holden. The place was PACKED. Also, I was the only guy there who was alone, not with a girlfriend who drug me to the show, and/or gay. It’s not a show I would normally go to but Ingrid Michaelson was really good. I have a new appreciation for her and her music. I’m really glad I went.

How are your goals going? Anything that you feel particularly proud of or disappointed in after three months of the new year?

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2 Responses to 1st Quarter Report – 2015

  1. hopeclark says:

    Well, you can add my next book to your last quarter unless you want to beta read it in between! You ought to consider renting a cabin or camping at Edisto State Park. You can mark off a park and look at rental property at the same time!

    • I think I get discounts on rentals too since I’ve got the annual pass. I do need to start using my pass more for camping and spending the night in some of these places. But I think I’ll focus around college towns first before branching out into a beach house mogul.

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