What I Learned: November 25

  • Running is easy. And hard. Now that I’m working regular hours, I’ve picked back up the running routine. This past weekend, I went for a slow three miles on Saturday that felt amazing. Then went for a three mile run Sunday on the same route with a quicker pace and felt miserable. Getting old and fat is rough!
  • Lunch roulette last week was Cabo Fish Taco. I had been before but I thought I’d switch it up this time. Instead of my go-to shrimp and chicken burrito, I went with a BBQ Mahi taco, a Tavarua Tuna taco, and a side of jalapeno cheese mashed potatoes. It was okay but I just think fish tacos aren’t my thing. The mashed potatoes were amazing though.
  • I may have to make it a music week come the 1st week in February. After seeing Paramore twice this summer, Motion City Soundtrack became the top band I’ve wanted to see live but haven’t had a chance to work it out. Well, turns out, they’re coming to The Fillmore February 2nd with Copeland. Then it was announced that Ingrid Michaelson was playing the same place on February 6th. Pop punk followed by indie pop? Sign me up! P.S Watch her video if you appreciate the 80s and/or Robert Palmer
  • Our trivia team not family-friendly named tied for first this past week! Unfortunately, we lost the tie breaker though. The question was “What name for a pretty but unintelligent woman is also the Italian word for child?” Hindsight being 20/20 makes “bimbo” seem like an easy answer but the other team beat us to the punch.
  • Fall Out Boy announced their new album yesterday! American Beauty/American Psycho is out January 20th. They already released Centuries September 9th and it sounds like a big arena rock song ESPN has already picked up for the bumper song on approximately every single game they air. Then today, they released American Beauty/American Psycho which sounds nothing like Centuries (or their last album). So now I’m super anxious!

Have a happy Turkey Day!

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