2nd Quarter Report – 2014

So we meet again, July.

I’m no fan of summer. It’s easily my least favorite season. But something about the first week or two of July is pretty magical. July 4th gives Americans a reason to feel patriotic and recklessly blow things up. The MLB All Star game is right around the corner. Cookouts are in full force with the smell of grilled animal parts invading almost every weekend evening. The Sandlot is almost always playing on a cable channel. An added bonus this year is that the US is still alive in the World Cup and will be playing Belgium later today.

But it also means half the year is over (wait… how did that happen?) and it’s time to check in on those pesky New Years Resolutions.

  • 15 Books:
    • 2Q projection – 7.5
    • 2Q actual – 8
    • What began as a strong start to this goal has quickly screeched to a halt. I read two Stephen King books in April – The Shining and Doctor Sleep – and I beta-read my mom’s first book of her new series at the tail end of May. While this quarter lacked quantity, it made up for it in quality. It was my second time through The Shining and it’s still an amazing, terrifying book. Doctor Sleep is the sequel to The Shining. And while it’s not “scary,” it was still excellent and probably my favorite of the three books this quarter. Finally, my mom’s still-officially-untitled premier of her new series is her best book yet.
  • 12 Parks:
    • 2Q projection – 6
    • 2Q actual – 9
    • I’ve really enjoyed visiting South Carolina’s state parks. Much more than I had anticipated. I’m still averaging 1.5 parks per month halfway through the year, which I think is pretty good. The only problem is that I’m running out of parks within a reasonable day-trip distance. I hit four this quarter: Charles Town Landing, Colonial Dorchester, Lake Wateree, & Andrew Jackson. Compared to last quarter, it was weak since Andrew Jackson was the only park I really enjoyed. If I keep my pace, I should at least meet my goal this next quarter.
  • 12 Races:
    • 2Q projection – 6
    • 2Q actual – 5
    • I’ve killed this one over the last three months. I’ve run four races this quarter, with a fifth coming up on Friday just on the inside of next quarter. I ran the Bridge Run (10K) in Charleston, SC on 04/05 in 1:04:38 with the Jerdan clan for the my 7th consecutive year. I ran in the inaugural Wildcat Run (5K)  in Little Mountain, SC on 05/10 in 30:59 and placed 2nd in my age group (30-39). I ran my 2nd Jailbreak 5K in Lexington, SC on 05/24 in 29:49. And just this past Saturday (06/28), I ran my 2nd Trail Run Challenge in Charlotte, NC at the US Whitewater Center in 36:04, good for 3rd in my age group (30-34). I definitely need to work on my trail running, so I may be back for some races there later in the year once it cools off.
  • 10,000 Dollars:
    • 2Q projection – $5,000
    • 2Q actual – $6,079.36
    • I told you guys not to worry about my slow start to saving $10,000 in 2014. Not only am I more than $1,000 ahead of schedule, that’s not counting the $2,500 I moved into my Fidelity Roth IRA at the beginning of June. Looking ahead, this is another goal I may be able to cross off in the late 3rd quarter with no large expenses looming on the horizon.
  • 8 Months:
    • 2Q projection – 4
    • 2Q actual – 5.75-ish
    • July 9th is officially 6 months – half an entire year! – without a cable subscription. The good news is that I’m still going strong and not missing a beat. The only shows I’m watching at the moment are Deadliest Catch and Suits, both of which I watch online. Under the Dome started back up last night but I can still catch that over the air. The end of this coming quarter is where I’m really tested with college football starting back up at the end of August. I’m still not sure what I’m planning on doing about that. The bad news is that instead of random TV as filler to pass the time, it’s shifted to the Internet. I’ve become a regular reader of the WTF and College Football subreddits. So I’m still not accomplishing much. I’m just doing it cheaper.
  • 2 Projects:
    • 2Q projection – 1
    • 2Q actual – 0
    • No progress to report here, as the goal of printing out a picture book from my cross country trip and writing at least a rough draft of my story has sat untouched. As I mentioned last month though, I still plan on reading through three travel memoirs by the end of the year which should definitely put me more in the mindset to work on this.

How many of your goals have you completely abandoned? Anyone out there still making headway on the person you wanted to become in 2014?

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