What I Learned: June 27

  • Saturday, our company put together two groups of volunteers to work on a couple of Habitat for Humanity houses. I wound up having a lot more fun than I had expected going into it. We started by nailing plywood on the outside walls and finished up by hoisting the roof trusses up. I’m a competitive person by nature and, without naming names, I’ll just say that the office isn’t the only place I outworked my coworkers. It was a hot five and a half hours but overall, I had a blast. I’m definitely going to look into logging more hours with them.
    HfH Walls     HfH Break
  • Monday was supposed to be my kickoff to transitioning into my new position at work. The schedule this week was to spend two hours each day with the new group, leaving six to help the old group. Next week, the hours equal out at four with each group. And finally, the third week, I should move over full time. So naturally what happens? My old group bombards me with “critical” work no one else can do. I’ve been incredibly overwhelmed. I’ll bust my butt to help this next week. But after that, it’s time to kick the baby bird out of the nest to fly on its own.
  • Another date on Tuesday night, another horribly awkward dinner to sit through. This one may have been over in record time though. I show up a couple minutes early, she’s a couple minutes late. I’m in jeans, an untucked collared shirt, and boots, she’s in jean shorts, a tank top, and sandals. Thirty minutes later, we’re exchanging “uh, maybe I’ll talk to you later”s and heading our separate ways. There’s a reason I made my peace with being single years ago… Dating’s the worst!
  • In what’s quickly becoming the regular weekly food bullet point, we bailed on Lunch Roulette last week because too many people had other plans. But a group of us wound up at Tupelo Honey Cafe in South End. Everyone has raved about the food but I’m more and more convinced they’re non-Southerners hyping it up. I had the fried chicken and biscuits. To be fair, it wasn’t bad… it just wasn’t amazing either. I like the Pillsbury frozen grand buttermilk biscuits better than Tupelo’s though. After Habitat on Saturday, a handful of us grabbed lunch at Cantina 1511. I went with a chimichanga and it was incredible. Although, that may have been the five and a half hours of manual labor hunger pangs talking. And finally, my dinner date Tuesday night was another trip to Phat Burrito, which is always good.
  • For Father’s Day, my sister in law got my brother an August weekend campsite at the Davidson River Campground in Pisgah Forest, NC. Aside from it being a cool gift in and of itself, it’s sentimental because it’s where my dad took us camping growing up. Needless to say, when my brother invited me along (probably because I have the most camping gear), I didn’t hesitate saying yes. Can’t say I’ve ever been camping with a dog and a baby before… but let’s do it! I’m pumped!

I signed up last minute for the Trail Run Challenge 5K out at the Whitewater Center this weekend. So bright and early Saturday morning, I’ll be out sweating while most of you are probably still dozing.

Farewell June. Bring on the heat of summer and July!

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One Response to What I Learned: June 27

  1. hopeclark says:

    Take pics on the camping trip!

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