What I Learned: June 20

  • It’s been the week of the medical profession. I haven’t been to a doctor or had a physical since I was in high school. But the second our work starts keeping track of points earned for doing health-related activities, my competitive gene kicked in and I scheduled a physical for last Saturday. So I’m officially a healthy boy now. Then Sunday night, I grabbed dinner with a newly graduated vet in the area. And last but definitely not funnest, I had a cavity filled on Thursday afternoon.
  • On Tuesday, I officially signed the paperwork to transfer departments into a new role the first full week of July. Goodbye data analyst, hello program manager! I think it will wind up being a good move for me. I’m excited to be working for my new manager because she’s excellent at what she does and she’s who originally hired me. I think this job will provide me skills that are more transferable for later on in my career too. It’s also similar to an assistantship I enjoyed in graduate school. I can’t wait!
  • Harper and I went hiking at Andrew Jackson State Park in Lancaster, SC on Sunday. It was just the right size and right distance from me to make for a good couple-of-hours day trip. Next state park puts me at double digits for the year!
  • I’m slowly amassing a solid list of Charlotte eateries. Dinner with the vet was at 1900 Mexican Grill. I had the pollo a la crema which wasn’t bad. My problem is that I’m still hunting for a Mexican restaurant in Charlotte that’s on par with El Poblano (who don’t even have a website) down the road from my mom and step dad’s house. And unfortunately, 1900 Mexican Grill didn’t live up to the bar that’s been set. Our Friday Lunch Roulette destination today puts us at Green’s Lunch. All you need to know is that they have $1.80 hot dogs and $2.40 hamburgers. You can never go wrong with cheap hot dogs for lunch.
  • Keeping with last week’s video game theme, I went into full on 12-year-old-boy Wednesday night. I’ve always wanted something fun and non-adult to spruce up my TV stand. So I ordered a Halo 3 Master Chief, Halo 3 Cortana, Halo 4 Master Chief, and Halo 4 Cortana action figure. McFarlane Toys makes detailed, cool action figures. So if I like what shows up, this may get out of hand…

This weekend is my Habitat for Humanity volunteering weekend with my group from work. I’m looking forward to it, especially since my current volunteering resume only consists of dog walking. It’s also looking more and more likely that I may be heading into work on Sunday to get caught up so I can begin transitioning into my new role.

Other than that, it should be pretty low key. Where is June going? Half the year is almost gone! Enjoy your weekend!

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2 Responses to What I Learned: June 20

  1. hopeclark says:

    Oh gosh – don’t tell the family you want action figures. Christmas would become insane!

    Congrats on the new job.

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