What I Learned: June 13

  • I took Monday off so I could spend all day in front of my TV watching IGN’s E3 coverage. For those not in the know, E3 is the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles. It’s where Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, and any other gaming-related company come show off their new games and products for the coming year. I watched TV from 12pm to almost 12am to see Microsoft, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, and Sony’s press conferences. I’m not ashamed one bit.
  • I kept a list of the games announced for Xbox. Aside from indie games, I counted 13 games in 2014 and 7 on tap for 2015. This year, Forza Horizon 2 looks beautiful but I’m not a racing game guy. Evolve is a super cool idea for cooperative multiplayer play where 4 players team up as hunters to take down 1 player as a monster, who can evolve into a more powerful monster through accomplishments. Sunset Overdrive looks cheeky and fun! There’s a new Dance Central game (uh yes please!). The trailer for Ori and The Blind Forest looks super intriguing.
  • I wasn’t as impressed with the games lining up for 2015 but there’s still plenty of time to announce new games and improve the ones announced. Inside looks good for an indie game. The Rise of the Tomb Raider should be gorgeous if it follows in the footsteps of last year’s Tomb Raider. The Division was a Tom Clancy game, so typical first-person shooter but I could be on board with that because it’s post-apocalyptic and “I Am Legend”ish. Cuphead, which has a weird name, looks amazing because it’s in the art style of an old cartoon.
  • The Valiant Hearts trailer was heartbreaking. It’s a World War I game told through letters by a dog who was friends with a group of connected characters. Just watch the trailer. It’s emotional.
  • My second favorite game shown was Destiny, Bungie’s crack at an ambitious role-playing-game, first-person-shooter mash up. It’s always online, which I’m not super crazy about since I don’t have many friends still playing games as much. But it’s a new multi-year series by the studio who made Halo. It’s got to be good, right? Which leads in to my favorite game perfectly – Halo: The Master Chief Collection. It’s Halo 1, 2, 3, and 4 combined into one disc for the Xbox One for $60! Instead of being remade, they’re the original copies. So one of the best multiplayer experiences ever in Halo 2 can now be played on Xbox Live again. Halo 1 can be played on it for the first time ever. Not only that, it comes with a copy of Halo: Nightfall, the digital series being released next year by Ridley Scott and access to the beta for Halo 5: Guardians this winter. Every generation has their video game icon (Pong, Pac Man, Mario, etc). Halo and Master Chief are my Mario. I’m so pumped.

I’m sorry not sorry for the video-game, boy-centric entry. But sometimes you just have to let it flow. This week was much better than last! Four days of work, being bragged about in all day training, getting some good runs in, a possible solution to my work troubles, becoming buddies with a fellow Clemson alum coworker. Even got a wave from a girl who runs on my run days with her dog. So here’s to last week’s storm running out of rain!

Lunch Roulette finds us at Pinky’s this week.

Happy Father’s Day!

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One Response to What I Learned: June 13

  1. hopeclark says:

    Have on clue about all those games, but happy to hear you’re happy!

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