What I Learned: June 6

  • Last Friday, I managed to get myself invited to a regular Friday lunch crowd. It’s a little game of Charlotte lunch roulette. One guy keeps a list of all of the decent restaurants in the area on a spreadsheet. Then each Wednesday, an Excel random number generator decides the fate of lunch. Last week, it was Price’s Chicken Coop. Later today, we’re giving Bedder Bedder & Moore a shot.
  • I’ve had better weeks than this last one. I had recently applied to a job in a different department working with the manager who hired me but on Friday, I found out it fell through. Met someone new for a date-ish adventure through Reedy Creek Park on Saturday only to get the “I get just a friends vibe from you” chat after thinking it went well. I’m doing my best to curb my work frustrations but the levels are slowly creeping towards Raleigh-level discontent. My 3 mile run on Wednesday crushed me. And I got into an argument with another friend Wednesday evening. So let’s turn this train around, why don’t we?
  • Speaking of Reedy Creek Park, I wasn’t impressed. There are ruins from a house built in the 1700s but that wound up sounding cooler than it was. The trails were bland and wrapped around two muddy ponds. You won’t miss much by missing this one.RCNP Rockhouse Ruins Corner     RCNP Rockhouse Ruins
  • After months of threatening to do it, my dad finally retired this past week from the federal government. So congratulations, Daddy! The good news is that my time frame to talk to him is greatly increased since he’s no longer at work when it’s 9pm or later my time. The bad news is that sooner, rather than later, I’ll lose my local connection for visiting Alaska. Luckily, I’ve been there twice before in August of 2008 and 2009. But I’ve always wanted to give it a visit in the winter.
  • To try and change up my funk of a routine right now, I’ve ditched the cell phone since Wednesday night. I put that bad boy on airplane mode and it’s been hanging out on my kitchen counter since. I wasn’t sure how Thursday would go since it seems I’m always waiting on a text, the next move in Hanging/Words with Friends, reading Twitter, or listening to podcasts to pass the day. But Thursday went by remarkably quick and it was probably one of my more productive days. So I’ve left it at home today too. I’ll probably keep it off this weekend while I’m at it. At least until Sunday evening when I talk to my dad. If you’ve called or sent a text, I’m not dead. You’re just going to have to find some other way to get me!

I’m still a little undecided on what I’m doing this weekend. Maybe try to catch a baseball game if the weather’s not too nasty. I haven’t volunteered at the shelter in awhile but eh… It’s been over a month since I’ve gone to a South Carolina state park but I’m also running out of options close to Charlotte. I’m pumped about having Monday off for a 3 day weekend though!

Enjoy it, guys!

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2 Responses to What I Learned: June 6

  1. hopeclark says:

    Give the girl another try. You never know. And what’s the 3-day holiday?

    • I wasn’t the one giving the talk! The 3-day weekend is just because. I have PTO I need to use and Monday is the start of E3, so I’m going to camp in front of the TV watching all of the video game announcements.

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