State Park Tuesday: Dreher Island

You know what one of the perks about visiting my mom and step dad’s house? It’s all of 15 miles from Dreher Island State Park.

Three weeks after traipsing around Kings Mountain, Harper and I packed up to head south for my brother’s birthday the last weekend in February. Saturday was full of birthday festivities but Sunday, we ran off to play in the woods.

Dreher Island’s never been anything fancy to me. They’ve got cabins on the lake, a small campground, and a two mile trail around the end of the island but their main draw is the boat ramp and tackle shop for Lake Murray. Since Harper’s not licensed to drive a boat, we stuck to the trail.

Dreher Island’s not a bad park and really good for a couple of hours if you’re in the area. But it’s also following some parks I’ve really enjoyed. So for the time being, it finds itself in last place (Spoiler alert: It doesn’t stay there)

State Park Ranking

  1. Chester State Park
  2. Kings Mountain State Park
  3. Landsford Canal State Park
  4. Dreher Island State Park
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One Response to State Park Tuesday: Dreher Island

  1. hopeclark says:

    Yeah, it’s not much, especially when you already live on the lake. I think most people just use it as a boat ramp.

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