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What I Learned: June 27

Saturday, our company put together two groups of volunteers to work on a couple of Habitat for Humanity houses. I wound up having a lot more fun than I had expected going into it. We started by nailing plywood on … Continue reading

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What I Learned: June 20

It’s been the week of the medical profession. I haven’t been to a doctor or had a physical since I was in high school. But the second our work starts keeping track of points earned for doing health-related activities, my … Continue reading

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What I Learned: June 13

I took Monday off so I could spend all day in front of my TV watching IGN’s E3 coverage. For those not in the know, E3 is the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles. It’s where Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, and … Continue reading

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What I Learned: June 6

Last Friday, I managed to get myself invited to a regular Friday lunch crowd. It’s a little game of Charlotte lunch roulette. One guy keeps a list of all of the decent restaurants in the area on a spreadsheet. Then … Continue reading

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State Park Tuesday: Dreher Island

You know what one of the perks about visiting my mom and step dad’s house? It’s all of 15 miles from Dreher Island State Park. Three weeks after traipsing around Kings Mountain, Harper and I packed up to head south … Continue reading

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