What I Learned: May 9

  • Australians have the best accent. I trained a new guy at the shelter last Saturday from Australia here on a two year work visa. He had to leave his two labs with his family when he came over, so he wanted to do something with dogs during his time in the US. It was a piece of cake because he was excellent with the dogs. But I could have listened to him talk for hours.
  • Work’s been a mass exodus lately. A coworker put in his two week’s notice yesterday. A group of us is going out to lunch today for another coworker’s last day. It’s been a month since the manager I worked with left for Colorado. If there’s not some semblance of normalcy and stability soon, how long before I’m on the next train out?
  • I went grocery shopping last weekend for new dinner ideas. But it’s impossible to find anything (at least in Walmart) that isn’t loaded with sugar! Spaghetti sauce? 11 grams per serving. Baked beans? 10 grams. A frozen pizza? 6 grams. Canned corn? 5 grams. Hell, even whole grain linguine (2 grams) and 100% whole wheat bread (2 grams per slice) have more sugar than you’d expect. Makes eating reasonably healthy extremely difficult!
  • According to our biometric testing at work for health insurance, I’m overweight by BMI standards. My HDL number is also super low. On the other hand though, I eat nothing but sugar cereals for breakfast, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch, and sweet tea to hydrate and my glucose number is right in the middle of the “Desirable/Healthy” section. #EatLikeA10YearOld
  • I root for the Denver Broncos because I’m a big Peyton Manning fan and the Carolina Panthers because they’re the hometown team. But as a Clemson alum, I may have to adopt the Buffalo Bills. Last night, the Bills traded up to draft Sammy Watkins with the 4th overall pick. Add that to the fact that they already have Chris Hairston, Antoine McClain, Jonathon Meeks, and CJ Spiller, it’s pretty much turned into Clemson North.

Heading down to South Carolina this weekend for Momma’s Day. I’ve been pegged to fix dinner on Sunday, so no pressure. Hope all of the moms out there have a fantastic weekend!

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One Response to What I Learned: May 9

  1. hopeclark says:

    Kiddo, you have to have some grams of carbs/sugar. You could probably eat 50-60 grams per day and still lose weight if you watch calories. The single digit stuff is fine. And do some resistance training! ( Looking forward to the Sunday dinner!)

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