State Park Tuesday: Chester State Park

As you may know, one of my Resolutions was to visit 12 of South Carolina’s state parks. While I’ve been making good progress on crossing off my goal, I haven’t been doing much showing and telling. Since I love lists, I’ve also  been itching to rank all of the parks I visit.

Gather ’round boys and girls, it’s picture time!

Last November, I went to Landsford Canal State Park to walk the Catawba river with Harper. But technically, the trip wasn’t made in 2014. So in the spirit of fairness, I made this my first park of the New Year. I also needed to plan a return trip to get my stamp for my SC State Parks guide book anyways.

So on January 19th, Harper and I hiked the 3 miles along the river again. Since we had recently been, I left the camera at home. Click the link above to relive that amazing adventure.

Less than a week later, we packed up shop and headed to Chester State Park on January 25th on what turned out to be a rather chilly, blustery day.

Their trail was marginally shorter at 1.3 miles one way but it wrapped around their lake, ending at a dam and creek through the woods. With the weather being gray and dreary, the park was desolate. Combined with the “summer camp” setup and boathouse, it had an eerie horror-movie-esque feel to it.

Overall, I enjoyed Chester. It was reasonably close to Charlotte with an enjoyable hike around water in the woods.

State Park Ranking

  1. Chester State Park
  2. Landsford Canal State Park
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2 Responses to State Park Tuesday: Chester State Park

  1. Harper looks so happy!

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