What I Learned: April 25

  • Savings accounts aren’t really for saving money anymore. My savings account has over half the amount of what I make a year and it’s earning less than a dollar of interest a month. If my math is right, it looks to be about 0.03%. And that’s a money market savings account. The regular savings accounts are even less. To put things in perspective, I’ll earn $5 on the $500 mechanic bill I just paid off on my cash-back credit card. Something seems a little off here…
  • The FCC is going to propose new internet standards that allow for companies to pay for priority, in terms of speed and bandwidth. I’m not a fan of this at all, as it flies in the face of net neutrality. As with most anything on the Internet, this graphic from a Reddit user is a bit over exaggerated but it’s a worst-case scenario without net neutrality.
  • I had forgotten how good The Shining was. I just finished rereading it Tuesday night, so I could refresh myself before picking up the sequel, Doctor Sleep. There were some passages where my skin literally crawled because of how well Stephen King paints a picture.
  • If you’ve got 20 minutes, watch this 2008 TED Talk from Mike Rowe about his show Dirty Jobs, the concept of work and success, and the myth of following your dreams.
  • If you only have 3 minutes and 17 seconds instead, listen to this Kacey Musgraves song. It’s gorgeous.

False alarm last weekend on the good weather. But it’s supposed to be beautiful this weekend, albeit a little warm. So I should be able to get some outside time with Harper this go ’round. Have a good weekend!

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