What I Learned: April 18

Guess who’s back?!

  • It’s been almost four months since I’ve posted a “What I Learned” entry and the most exciting piece of news I learned this week is that the KFC Double Down is making a comeback! Who needs a sandwich with bread when you can use chicken breasts?
  • It’s been two weeks today that my favorite coworker left to take a job in Colorado. He half-jokingly told our boss he was going to make a run at getting me to Colorado with him. The problem is that I’m torn. On one hand, work’s boring now, I really enjoy working with him, I love the mountains, and I’m being a hypocrite since I tell people to take adventures because you can always go back. On the other hand, I’d hate being that far away from family, I’m making good money now, and I’m two and a half months from being in my job for two years and earning four weeks of leave a year.
  • It’s good to have options.
  • The boss took three of us out to lunch on Tuesday to Monsoon Thai. I’m not a big food risk taker or curry fan, so off-the-beaten-path Asian places aren’t usually my first choice. But it was decent. I went with a safe option of chicken over stir fried vegetables and rice. Then Thursday, I went with a coworker to Salsarita’s for the first time. Think Moe’s without the yelling at you when you walk in. But the chicken burrito hit the spot.
  • My brother mentioned he deleted his Twitter account this week because he was “checking it out of habit” not because he was ever interested in what he was reading. That’s a concept I always wrestle with. Do I go through my daily routines because I enjoy the actions or because I enjoy the routine? My habit is Facebook much more than Twitter though. Pictures of a high school classmate’s third kid’s birthday party? Political rants from a cousin I haven’t seen in years? Status updates from an ex taking a vacation? Who. Cares. But damned if I don’t make sure I’m caught up to speed on all of the updates every morning and night. So it may be about that time for my annual “deactivate the Facebook account” sabbatical. Get my contact info while you still can!

The forecast is calling for a sunny Easter weekend in the low 70s. So you’ll find this kid, a dog, and a South Carolina State Parks pass enjoying the outdoors. Hope you enjoy your holiday weekend!

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One Response to What I Learned: April 18

  1. Hope Clark says:

    So thrilled to have your list back!

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