1st Quarter Report – 2014

Despite the fact that I’ve been all but nonexistent for the 1st quarter of 2014 in the blogosphere, I’ve been keeping close tabs on my 2014 Resolutions. Since it’s April 1st (where has the time gone?!), it’s time to let you know how well I’ve done, what’s gotten me to this point, and what’s in store for the next quarter.

  • 15 Books:
    • 1Q projection – 3.75
    • 1Q actual – 5
    • Another strong start in the book category. I went with Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, The Tenth Circle by Jodi Picoult, Mortal Fear by Robin Cook, The Talented Mr. Ripley by Patricia Highsmith, and Palmetto Poison by C. Hope Clark (my momma!). I’m biased but my favorite of the group was Palmetto Poison. I thought it’s my mom’s best book of her three so far. The worst was Mortal Fear. Currently, I’m re-reading The Shining. It’s been years since I read it the first time around and Doctor Sleep, its sequel, is next in line.
  • 12 Parks:
    • 1Q projection – 3
    • 1Q actual – 5
    • Initially, I overestimated this one by wanting to get to half of the state’s 47 parks. But if my current numbers and future plans hold up, setting the bar at 12 will have underestimated what I’ll be able to accomplish. I went to Landsford Canal (again) and Chester in January, Kings Mountain and Dreher Island in February, and Jones Gap in March. Jones Gap was the favorite, by far. Harper and I took a 5 mile hike up to 100+ foot Rainbow Falls. I’ll be in Charleston next week for the Bridge Run and I’m going to try and cross Charles Town Landing and Fort Dorchester off of the list.
  • 12 Races:
    • 1Q projection – 3
    • 1Q actual – 1
    • Last year, I didn’t meet my 6-miles-a-week goal, so I thought I’d change this year’s goal to total number of races. Ironically enough, I probably have averaged close to 6 miles a week this year but haven’t hardly run any races. My company had a contest where the employees wore a pedometer for 8 weeks and tried to hit 10,000 steps a day. So I was running at least every other day to try and hit that. The 8 weeks are up now and I averaged close to 10,500 steps each day. But I’ve only run one race, the Race Against Hunger 5K in Lexington, SC back in February. I had wanted to try and find a 5K in March but there haven’t been that many close to where I live. As I mentioned one bullet point up, I’m doing the Bridge Run (my 6th in a row and 7th total) this coming weekend, so that’s a step in the right direction.
  • 10,000 Dollars:
    • 1Q projection – $2,500
    • 1Q actual – $1,744.25
    • The goal is to add $10k to my savings account this year. I’m a little behind that pace but I had expected that. The first quarter – especially this year – is always the hardest financially on my bank account. The cost of Christmas catches up to me and my truck insurance ($394), truck tag and taxes ($257), Clemson IPTAY dues ($360), Fall Out Boy tickets to two dates ($393), and an Xbox One ($475) have all been bought and paid for as of this entry. If I can make it through that gauntlet and still save over $1700, then I feel pretty good about this one. Not to mention the 2nd quarter will bring a tax refund, a raise at work, and not four $400 big ticket items to pay off hopefully.
  • 8 Months:
    • 1Q projection – 2
    • 1Q actual – 2.75-ish
    • On January 9th, I officially became a member of the cord-cutting revolution when I had my cable subscription canceled. So April 9th will be 3 full months without cable television. Honestly, the transition hasn’t been nearly as bad as I expected. I still pick up the basic network channels, so that covers my The Following, Glee, New Girl, and Agents of Shield watching. I bought episodes of Discovery’s Gold Rush on Xbox Live before that season wrapped up. And I may or may not have stumbled upon Project Free TV for the episodes of USA’s Suits currently airing. The only struggle was the Sochi Olympics since NBC is the one network channel I have a hard time picking up. Live sports drive cable subscriptions. I’m still not sure how I’m going to approach the college football season in September.
  • 2 Projects:
    • 1Q projection – 0.5?
    • 1Q actual – 0
    • The goal here is to have my picture book from my cross country trip on my book shelf and a rough draft of a memoir-ish story done. I’ve at least done some recon work on the picture book. I looked up prices and maximum pages for books by Picaboo, Shutterfly, and Mixbook. I’m familiar with and have created books from Picaboo. The other two seem to be the most popular sites online. Any readers have experience with them or a preference among the three? I’ve done nothing for the memoir aside from buy two composition notebooks (I hate writing, at least initially, on a computer). I do have three travel memoirs (Wild by Cheryl Strayed, Almost Somewhere by Suzanne Roberts, and Alone on the Ice by David Roberts) to read, so I’ll use those to get me in the mindset to make a dent into my own story.

How are your goals going?

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One Response to 1st Quarter Report – 2014

  1. hopeclark says:

    My goals are ok. Planned on writing two books and getting one before those to the publisher by March 1. I hit March 1 on the head. Have written synopses on four books. But, I’m late gardening this year. I miss your weekly updated, though. Something about those Friday updates and knowing there would be 5 events, just was fun to read.

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