2014 Snowmageddon

After nearly six weeks of laying low, I’d like to say welcome back! I have some pictures for y’all.

Charlotte’s been hit with two winter storms this year. In January, Atlanta caught the brunt of the storm and news, with ice shutting the city down. But last week, Charlotte received an uncharacteristically heavy dose of snow that brought the city to a standstill.

Since I don’t have to worry about school closings or child care options, my first reaction is to regress back to my grade school days as a giddy kid begging for work to close. Luckily for me, most Southern cities overreacted to the February storm to prevent another worst-case scenario from the January storm. Not only did work buy pizza for lunch on Tuesday to encourage us to stay off the roads, they let us out early at 2pm once the snow began falling.

Work Snow

By Wednesday morning, the roads still seemed clear but everything else was covered in snow. Initially, there was a two hour delay at work which made little sense given the forecast was calling for the snow to pick back up around 10am. Before everyone hit the roads to come in though, the day was canceled. Right on cue, the snow began falling and the roads almost instantly turned white.

One hundred percent chance of snow.

Zero percent chance of staying inside.

With the temperatures only falling and more snow in the forecast, work was called off on Thursday by Wednesday night. Twist my arm, why don’t you?

Harper and I made several trips outside to take full advantage of the time off from work and the rare Southern snow fall. I’ve always favored the mountains and colder weather to coastal destinations, so it was fun watching Harper dive head first – literally – into the snow and play.

By Thursday afternoon though, the sun decided enough was enough after 8.4 inches of snow and came back out. It certainly made those who had been cooped up braver, as people jumped at the chance to get in the car and test the roads. That night, the slush quickly froze over again.

While we didn’t have the day off on Friday as well, they were wise enough to give the sun some time to do its job before corralling us back into our cubes at noon. It was good to be out of the house though. Snow balls may or may not have been thrown at coworkers.

In typical Southern fashion, the temperature was back up in the 50s by the weekend like nothing had ever happened. Fortunately, I live right in the sweet spot of getting the snow experience for a couple of days a year, missing a day or two of work, then moving on with life without having to deal with icy roads or the gloomy, dirty snow landscape until Spring rolls around.

Until next time, Southern snow!

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One Response to 2014 Snowmageddon

  1. C Hope Clark says:

    I love it that Harper loves the snow. Mine weren’t so excited.

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