What I Learned: December 27

  • My wrapping paper was a hit (and expensive). The funny thing was that no one wanted to tear it up, so everyone carefully unwrapped their presents. The big event of 2013? My baby nephew FJ. Wrapping Paper 2013
  • The older I get, the more Christmas loses it’s luster. Part of it is that I’m old enough to buy my own toys now. If it’s August and I want a video game or want to take a trip, I just do it and chalk it up to a mental-health living expense. The anxiousness of waiting several months is gone. Part of it is being old enough to see the “adult” side of Christmas – the chaos in the kitchen when dinner isn’t ready on time, the strict schedule that needs to keep the 3 month old baby on his feeding schedule, the worn out adults after the first wave of Christmas has passed. When you see all of the moving parts to the magic trick, it’s not quite as magic anymore. Part of it is the decisions I’ve made. I’m not married. I don’t have kids. I’m the easiest to plan around. So I tend to fall to the bottom of the Christmas priority list.
  • The whole idea for taking a week off of work was to try and take Christmas a little slower this year but it didn’t quite work that way. I was supposed to meet up with a friend Saturday but plans got shifted so I hit the road to Chapin. Sunday, I met an old college friend and her family at the zoo (pictures to come later!) then did dinner with my parents and the neighbors that night. Monday, I was on FJ-sitting duty before doing Christmas at my brother’s house with my dad and step-mom, in town from Alaska. Tuesday was Chapin Christmas with my mom, step-dad, brother, sister in law, and baby FJ. Wednesday, we hit the road for Summerville Christmas with my grandparents, aunt, and cousin, then made a quick turnaround back to Chapin that night. Thursday, spur-of-the-moment plans had me back on the road to Greenville for coffee with my missed-plans-on-Saturday friend. Busy, busy, busy!
  • It came down to the wire for my favorite present this year. I plan on using them together, so we’ll be politically correct and declare it a tie for first. My dad got me a Zissou 12 degree sleeping bag from REI and my mom got me the South Carolina State Parks pass I had asked for. So Harper and I are going to be making more weekend trips this year! An honorable mention goes to my brother and sister in law for chipping in to help me get another IPTAY point. One day, I’ll have awesome football tickets!
  • Now with Christmas 2013 in the rearview mirror, it’s time to shift gears to the new year. Being the sentimental, organized planner that I am, reflecting on opportunities missed and accomplishments completed in the previous year and laying the foundation for the next year’s gameplan is something I really enjoy. I really like the direction I’ve got things pointed for 2014.

Another day or two of relaxing here in Chapin are in the plans before heading back to Charlotte and the daily grind. The goal is to watch some football, see Anchorman 2, get some more S&T and FJ time, and maybe crank out a couple of blog posts for the upcoming week.

Hope your Christmas was great and that you have a safe and happy New Year! See y’all next year!

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3 Responses to What I Learned: December 27

  1. deni ashby says:

    YOU are awesome in a million ways……including the wrapping paper! Happy New Year!!! Hugs!

  2. Hope Clark says:

    Whew – it was a hectic Christmas. I’m sorry that FJ dominated the scene. Babies tend to do that. Next year we’ll have to do something different. Thanks so much for coming down and spending time with us.

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