What I Learned: December 13

  • With the Heisman ceremony taking place Saturday night, the Washington Post ran an excellent article detailing the tales and adventures of all the previous trophies. The mystery surrounding OJ Simpson’s trophy makes an appearance. But I think the coolest back story belongs to Jason White, whose daughter used the trophy to stand for the first time.
  • The best diet ever is to work in an office. Recently, I’ve seen one guy eat three donuts in under an hour, another claim to not like yogurt drops that were sitting out only to keep going back for handfuls, and four people put down an entire birthday cheesecake by lunch. This is why America is full of fatties. Self control, people!
  • I stepped out of my comfort zone last night and went to the animal shelter’s Christmas potluck. They throw it for both the employees and the volunteers so we can all intermingle. We played a “get to know one another” game where you had to grab signatures for certain traits. I had a line backed up behind me for the “Doesn’t like chocolate” box since I was one of two people who didn’t. The food was good, I got to eat with my Sunday dog-walking buddy Ivonne, and they had a raffle at the end for presents.  I “won” – I use that term loosely since everyone received something – a dog blanket. I was worn out afterwards but had a good time. AC&C Present AC&C Blanket
  • This week’s been bittersweet. Our group hired a new employee and this week was the first time he’s been able to sit with us instead of his training group. And quite frankly, he’s been pretty terrible. Every manager who has given a talk in training has mentioned him. He pulled out his cell phone during a senior VP’s presentation. He repeatedly asks the same question after being given the answer. He comes off incredibly arrogant. So I feel bad because not only has our group collectively turned on him but I’m not sure he’s going to last very long. On the other hand, the rest of us have become a lot closer because of it. A handful of us hung around an hour after work the other night chatting and that reminded me of how close I was with coworkers at my first job in Chapin. I feel terrible for the new guy but if I’m choosing between him and the camaraderie of my guys and girl? Yeah…. sorry new guy.
  • A new college football season has drawn to an end but the same old terrible picks haunted me again in our pool. I had been averaging 3.6 picks (out of 6) right a week through 13 weeks. I had only had one losing week up until that point. I was tied for 12th in a group of 38. Not amazing but certainly not as bad as normal. Then I proceeded to go 1-5 the last two weeks which was bad enough to drop me down to 23rd. Rough! I’ll figure this thing out one day. But until then, I’m willing to give away more money on bowl game picks that start in a week!

Covert ops are taking place this weekend. I may or may not be spending part of my weekend in at least three different states. It should be a good time.

Hope your Christmas shopping’s going well! Happy Friday the 13th

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One Response to What I Learned: December 13

  1. Hope Clark says:

    So glad you stepped out, Nanu. How did Harper like her goodies and blanket?
    Anybody thought about pulling the new guy aside? Like his boss? He might be all right if he realizes what’s going on.

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