What I Learned: November 22

  • The maintenance staff at my apartment is ridiculous. The fluorescent lights in my kitchen went out on the 7th. So during my lunch hour on the 8th, I ran by the office and had a work order put in. They came by, refused to come in until I had Harper locked up in a room, and replaced the bulbs. No luck. One of them said it was a bad ballast, they’d have to order one if it wasn’t in stock, but they’d be back Monday or Tuesday at lunch to fix it. Monday rolls around and nothing. Tuesday rolls around and nothing. I stopped by the office on Saturday to check on it and the girl had no idea what the status of it was from the work order. She said they’d be out Monday, at the latest to fix it. I get home from work Monday and… nothing. It took going back to the office Monday night, fussing a bit about needing to keep Harper caged up for nothing, and getting them to guarantee it’d be fixed first thing Tuesday. So almost two weeks to the day it broke, I got a simple light in my kitchen fixed. I’d hate to see how long it would take to fix a real problem.
  • I crossed another restaurant off the list. A group of us from work went to Jim ‘N Nick’s BBQ for lunch Thursday. As a starter, they bring out cheese biscuits. They look like muffins but they’re hot, have cheese baked in them, and taste like heaven. I ordered the Carolina Style Pork plate with fries and mac & cheese. “Carolina style” is a bit deceiving since South Carolina generally rocks the mustard based sauce and North Carolina typically goes vinegar. This was the NC variety so it wasn’t as amazing as it could have been but the vinegar sauce was really good. The shining star though was the mac & cheese (light on the mac, heavy on the cheese). Not sure I’ve ever had better mac & cheese in my life. All in all, amazing comfort food!
  • I’m officially fed up with all of the Christmas people. I’ve spotted at least 5 apartments with lights up already on the porch in my complex. My Facebook feed is littered with people who already have their tree up. A girl at work, who said she’s always been against decorating early, got bored and decorated her house last weekend. So ridiculous. Why do we need to go straight from Halloween into two full months of Christmas? Who wants to eat Thanksgiving dinner in front of a pile of presents and decorations? How early is too early? I’m holding out for the weekend after Thanksgiving. You know… when it’s actually December!
  • By the time this entry is posted, the Xbox One will officially be out in the wild for roughly 10 hours. My original plan was to wait until Holiday 2014 to pick one up, under the calculated impression the next Halo game would be coming out then. So I didn’t pre-order one. But after reading the reviews that went live this week, there’s no way I can wait another year. The Polygon review was excellent (even if you don’t care about video game systems, check out the link… the website design and graphics are amazing). My guess? By the time Titanfall drops on March 11th, there will be one under my television. Giving up that early adopter urge isn’t as easy as it would seem.
  • As you probably know by now, I went to Landsford Canal State Park on Saturday. What you may not know is that I walked up on an older couple doing not so state-park-friendly things. At the end of the 1.25 mile trail, there’s a bridge that takes you over to the other side of the canal. Not thinking anything of it, I crossed the bridge, turned the corner, and saw a couple in their late 30s or early 40s laying on a blanket. The girl was quickly pulling on her pants and I was quickly turning around to head back. One friend told me good for them. A coworker asked if I took any pictures or video (I did not). You never know what $2 admission to a state park will get you these days.
LCSP Harper Truck

Gratuitous Harper picture!

It’s the calm weekend before the storm, so not much going on in the Queen City for this kid. It’s Tajh’s last home game in Death Valley against The Citadel, so I’ll be camped out in front of the TV for that. I’ll get in one more long run before my Turkey Trot on Thursday. And another volunteer shift is on tap for Sunday at the shelter.

Hope you enjoy your last weekend without heaping piles of leftover turkey in 2013.

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4 Responses to What I Learned: November 22

  1. Karen says:

    Love the Harper picture! He’s a big ol’ cutie!

  2. late 30’s is an older couple?

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