Landsford Canal State Park

Remember the Atlas Obscura website I let you know about in my September 28th entry? I entered my zip code and finally went adventuring this weekend! I had originally wanted to go to the Bunker Hill covered bridge in Claremont, NC but it was about an hour away with nothing else nearby to see. After checking out their website, I also wasn’t sure if dogs were allowed. I settled for Landsford Canal State Park in Catawba, SC instead. Even though it was out of season, the Catawba River and park is home to the largest known stand of rocky shoals spider lilies.

So Saturday afternoon, Harper and I packed some water, my leftover chocolate chip pudding cookies from Friday’s potluck, and we hit the road.

A quick 40 minutes and $2 entry fee later, we made it to the park. It’s in the middle of nowhere, so I enjoyed driving down small two lane roads in the country. Harper never misses a chance to stick her head out the back window either.

The Canal Trail is the main trail through the park that follows the old canal. It’s 1.25 miles, so I felt comfortable that Harper would be okay going down and back. She made it a point to grab a few drinks and take a dip in the Catawba river along the way though.

LCSP Harper Begin

Off we go!

Between stopping to take pictures, Harper smelling every leaf, and a group of young girls wanting to pet her, we walked the entire trail in a little more than two hours. The weather felt amazing, there was no cell phone reception, and I went for a walk in the woods with my dog. There are certainly worse ways to spend a weekend.

All in all, it was an excellent afternoon.

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3 Responses to Landsford Canal State Park

  1. hopeclark says:

    Aww, I like your blog posts like this. Y’all seemed to have a great time.

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