What I Learned: November 15

  • The Batkid story is one of the coolest things ever. If you haven’t heard the background story, Miles Scott is a 5 year old in remission from leukemia. The Make-A Wish Foundation and locals in San Francisco got together to turn The City By The Bay into Gotham City for the day for Miles. The pictures on the Make-A-Wish Bay Area twitter account are awesome. They had a Lamborghini with Batman decals, a damsel in distress from the Riddler, the Penguin captured the SF Giants mascot, and a huge reception for him at every turn. Just amazing.
  • Clemson looked damn good in last night’s 55-31 win over Georgia Tech. Last night was the first time it really hit me that Tajh Boyd is essentially making his farewell tour. It was his last ACC game and he’s got one more home game. He set the Clemson record for most completions in a career and the ACC record for most touchdowns thrown. There will always be a special place for Charlie Whitehurst since he was the quarterback when I was in school but Boyd is arguably the best quarterback to ever play at Clemson. He may not have the National Championship Homer Jordan got in 1981 but he’s destroyed just about ever record you can get at Clemson. And in only three years. All that’s left is to get a win against South Carolina.  Behind CJ Spiller and Whitehurst, he’s easily my favorite player.
  • New Girl had gotten pretty bad. Last season was hilarious (the clip in this post is still one of the funniest scenes I may have ever seen on TV). But then Nick and Jess finally started dating and the writers didn’t know how to do anything but focus Every.Single.Episode. on a problem between them. Schmidt moved out so there could be an opening for Coach to come back and the writers made him a super bland, milquetoast character. Winston is now this weird, creepy guy. Just unfortunate and blah!
  • The rare Winter cleaning bug hit me last weekend. I vacuumed the carpet, dusted the entire apartment, cleaned off my desk, threw out my old computer, washed my sheets, set up a backup for my files on the new computer, and straightened up the rest. It’s refreshing to have everything in order again.
  • My running’s getting back on track. I’m trying to set up an alternating routine of running outside for distance one day and running inside for speed the next. I was able to get two days of two mile runs at 21, 22-ish minutes earlier this week and two days of one mile runs between 6.5 and 7 mph (between 8:30 and 9:15 minute pace) on the treadmill. I just signed up for the Charlotte Turkey Trot 8K and the 2014 Cooper River Bridge Run earlier tonight. So I’ve got some work to do!

I’m toying with finding a day trip to take this weekend somewhere with Harper. If so, my camera will be in tow for pictures unless Harper can’t sit still enough. Otherwise, it’s just me, my dog, and a weekend full of Season 7 and 8 House, M.D. DVDs. Enjoy your cooler weather!

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2 Responses to What I Learned: November 15

  1. hopeclark says:

    Wish you’d come clean my house! And I’m amazed you spelled milquetoast right! I still spell it milk-toast in my novels because the average person wouldn’t get the other. We’ll see if my editor catches it! And why do you think so many shows go on and on without the guy and girl getting together? Because it wrecks the dynamics most of the time. It’s the reason I’m not sure whether Slade and Wayne will ever get married in my series!

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