What I Learned: November 8

  • November’s got some work to do. On Friday, I lost the Best Look A Like costume contest (to a guy in a white t shirt and jeans as Mr. Clean, no less), the files for our largest loan transfer in the company’s history were late, and I didn’t leave until 9:30pm because of external technical issues. Sunday, my birthday lunch started with family drama and ended up with me taking a back seat to the FJ and great grandparents. Monday, I was stuck working an hour late on my birthday. Tuesday, literally everyone I voted for lost their race. Wednesday had HR tell me I didn’t have the experience when inquiring about a promotion. And last but not least, I was the last to leave the office again last night at 7pm. I know, I know… Woe is me. But I’m bummed my favorite month has been crummy. Get it together, November.
  • A group of us at work checked out the recently opened Famous Chubz Chiliburgers Thursday for lunch. It’s a pretty simple menu – you get a hamburger covered in chili or a hot dog. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could even get two or *gasp* three hamburger patties on your sandwich! There were a ton french fries and they were drowning in seasoned salt. I won’t say it was amazing. But for the price (read: cheap), it was pretty good food.
  • Mary Lee, a 3,500 lb 16 ft great white shark, was being tracked off of the coast of Edisto and Hilton Head Island Thursday afternoon. OCEARCH, a research group that tracks sharks, monitors the pings and maps them out. Here is Mary Lee’s path. It’s remarkable to think that between September18, 2012 and November 7, 2013, she’s been as far north as Boston, MA, south as Jacksonville, FL, and east as Bermuda. That’s a big shark doing some serious moving. She eats dolphins too!
  • I need a breather! A solid day trip or an extended weekend would do me some good. Just a little something to whet my “plan something and go somewhere new to do it” appetite and recharge my batteries. And hey… who doesn’t like picture-heavy blogs of new places?
  • The craziness of Fall college football is getting cranked up. Last night, Oregon (#3) and Oklahoma (#10) lost. The week before, Miami (#7) lost. Missouri (#5) the week before. And half the Top 10 (#3, #6, #7, #8, & #9) lost the week before that. What always looks like a sure bet for four or five teams to go undefeated at the beginning of November winds up with half of teams crashing and burning somewhere along the way.

After the week I’m having, this will definitely be a “sit in front of college football and video games” kind of weekend. Get my ducks in a row and my apartment in order, take a breath, and get back on this horse!

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One Response to What I Learned: November 8

  1. Hope Clark says:

    Your birthday did get kind of screwed up. We’ll change that next time. Hope your birthday month picks up.

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