What I Learned: November 1

  • There were two things I was not ready for last Saturday – my 5:45AM wake up call and the fact Charlotte felt the need to be 30 degrees. Other than that, my Runway 5K race went great! I finished in an average 31:06 at 10:02 a mile. That was good enough for 32nd out of 59 in my age group, 258th out of 526 in my sex, and 430th out of 1642 overall. The good was that it was amazing running on some of the taxiways at the CLT airport, one taxiway away from planes taxiing, and two away from them taking off. The bad was that apparently running on taxiway concrete is HARD on your legs. My joints were sore into this week from it. But it was an amazing, fun experience!
  • My Nashville buddy (and Clemson/UGA ticket hook up) finally got her website, PickSixStrings, off the ground this week. She’s good people and she takes legit pictures of the hundreds of concerts she attends. She’s a huge college football fan and works in the music industry, so she wanted something that combined the two. But mainly, I never pass up an opportunity to remind her how amazing I am for coming up with the name (P.S. For those not in the know, Pick Six is a football term and Six Strings is clearly a music term). I want royalties, Kat!
  • I don’t hide my political affiliation but I try to be civil and open minded too. That flew out of the window this week after reading two Yahoo News articles. The first is a report suggesting that the Obama administration knew that millions of people would have to change insurance. The article contains the direct quotes but Obama said in both 2009 and 2012 that if you already had health insurance, you could keep the same policy. So yeah, that’s a boldfaced lie after the news this week that 50 to 75 percent of people who buy their individual policies will have them canceled. The second reports on a government memo warning of the “high risk” issues with launching the ObamaCare website. So Obama told the country ObamaCare wasn’t a tax and the Supreme Court ruled that it is. He said you could keep your insurance and now you can’t. And he knew the site was unsecure and launched it anyways. Those aren’t slip ups that are incorrect on technicalities and minor details. They’re blatant lies. How do people trust anything this guy says anymore?
  • I got hit with a jolt of nostalgia this week. Taking Back Sunday are playing at The Fillmore here in Charlotte on Sunday. I’m not a huge fan now but I loved their music when I was in college. Well, their lead singer had to pull off of the tour for the time being since his wife just gave birth to a premature baby. They were originally canceling shows but then the lead singer/screamer from UnderOath (another 2005-ish band I was in to) stepped up and said he’d fill in until Adam could return. So not only is the lead singer of a band I loved temporarily fronting a band I loved, they’re playing in Charlotte on November 3rd, which is almost 9 years to the day (November 4th, 2004) I saw them for the first time, at the Grady Cole Center in Charlotte, on my birthday. I wish I were going Sunday night!
  • I love me some Halloween! What was a last minute decision to dress up for Halloween may have netted me the Best Look A Like Costume at work. I decided to go as Dave Grohl, the lead singer for the Foo Fighters. It went over so much better than I thought it would. A handful of people mistook me for Kurt Cobain (of Nirvana, where Dave Grohl was the drummer) but most understood. And worst case, they just assumed I was a rocker. I’ll figure out the results of the company-wide voting around the time this entry is hitting the Internet.Halloween 2013
    Also, just as a side note, I was a huge fan of my girl buddies in the Escrow & Foreclosure group. They’re Fantasy Football Players! Halloween 2013 - JJJ

Chances are I’m staying super late at work tonight to make sure our biggest transfer of loans in the company’s history goes smoothly. I’m not super stoked about that since I’m heading to Chapin this weekend for my birthday with the family. But sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta do!

Hope everyone’s off to a great start in the best month of the year!

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3 Responses to What I Learned: November 1

  1. Have a very happy birthday!!!

  2. hopeclark says:

    Looking forward to you coming home, Nanu.

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