What I Learned: October 25

  • Clemson was destroyed Saturday night on national television. I have never left a game early and I rarely turn a game off on TV. But after halftime, Harper and I cut it off and took a long walk to cool off. That was rough. And I’m done talking about it.
  • Dave Ramsey is spot on with this explanation for socialized healthcare. He approaches it from a mathematical stance, so you know this math-nerd is on board. If a company is forced to spend more money, they need to take in more money. It’s as simple as that.
  • I listen to the CBS Eye on College Football podcast at work. This week, they talked to Jerry Palm about the first BCS rankings and the idea of polls and formulas came up. They were talking about creating their own formulas to rank teams and I geeked out. So my goal, before the end of the season, is to try and develop my own formula. It combines math and football! What’s not to love?
  • I know I ripped the idea of home-ownership yesterday but I’m still a little disappointed with how everything transpired. The salesperson took three days to touch base with me and another two to try and schedule an appointment. Maybe it’s because customer service is really emphasized where I work and we’re supposed to respond to any request within 24 hours. But I feel like if someone expresses an interest in making a $200k purchase, five full days before asking to nail down an appointment to talk seems a little inexcusable. It’s behind me now though. Bring on the mountain vacation home hunting!
  • I found out Pets Inc, the no-kill shelter in West Columbia I adopted Harper from, is dangerously close to going out of business after 21 years. That bums me out so much. They’re the reason I have my dog, a big reason why I volunteer at the shelter here in Charlotte, and the shelter that isn’t flashy or flaunts their money like the Mungo-backed shelter. I still buy Harper’s dog food from there to help support them and I’ll browse their dogs occasionally on the off chance I run across another puppy that catches my eye. I hope they find the help they need.

I’ve got a 5K at the airport I’m pretty excited about on Saturday! I was going to just take it easy and maybe get in a third straight weekend of volunteering. But I figured I needed to do something for Halloween at work, so I’m heading down to Chapin for the day after the race to pick up some things.

Enjoy the weather and your weekend!

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3 Responses to What I Learned: October 25

  1. Hope Clark says:

    I’m bummed about Pets Inc as well. They are marvelous, but from what I’ve seen, people have realized they are a no-kill shelter, so they drop off animals over the fence in the middle of the night (guilt-ridden, I’m sure). You cannot do that at the Mungo monstrosity. And more and more people are bringing in animals than adopting (and Pets Inc adopts out a LOT of animals). It’s my favorite charity, and I give them $100/month (and extra when they have special needs pleas on Facebook). If only more people would just donate $25/month they might be able to keep things afloat.

    • Yeah, that’s the risk you run. When I was looking for places to volunteer here, some of the rescue organizations wouldn’t post their address for that very reason. You’d have to email them and they’d essentially interview you before giving out their location.

  2. Hope Clark says:

    But you have to know where to adopt them from to get people to come in, so that’s a Catch 22 issue, I guess. What I hate are the people who bring animals in they find and then don’t contribute anything. Or people who move and dump their scared pet on PETSInc. Pisses me off.

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