What I Learned: October 18

  • Clemson football makes me happy. I took in the Boston College game last weekend with my old college roommate. The good news is that he let me have the ticket for free, as long as I bought food in the stadium. So one jumbo hotdog and water later, I was taking in the game. The bad news is that since his wife was skipping out on the BC game, she was going to the FSU game this coming weekend. That means I’m out of luck for a ticket to possibly the biggest ACC game ever. It may be for the better though, since Clemson struggled for most of the game. We figured it was because Clemson wasn’t good when we went to games together in school. So the team was reminiscing like we were. At least that’s our story we’re sticking with!CU-BC Panorama
  • The drive back to Charlotte broke my heart though. I stopped to fill up with gas (30 cents per gallon cheaper! Love me some SC!) and some Chick Fil A in Gaffney, SC. At the gas station, there was a dog just laying on the concrete by the pumps until a car got close. Then she’d slowly get up, move out of the way, watch the person, then find a new spot to lay down. She was keeping her distance from everyone. I couldn’t tell whether she was just the local dog that hung out at the gas station or a legit stray. It made me want to take her home though. I volunteer each month at a shelter and it doesn’t tug at my heart strings nearly as bad as this dog moseying around an interstate gas station.
  • I rocked two different cookies for the Monday Fall/Halloween/Columbus Day/Canadian Thanksgiving Day potluck with our tiny team. Both were borrowed from Sally’s Baking Addiction. The first were pumpkin oatmeal cookies with cranberries used as the add-in. The second were pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. The oatmeal cookies were far better than the chocolate chip ones, I thought. The only people who liked the latter better were those who didn’t like cranberries. I know the chocolate chip recipe said they weren’t cakey but it was like eating half cooked dough. They were dense and didn’t hardly expand at all. But both were worth giving a shot! Very pumpkin-y, if you’re into that kind of thing!Pumpkin Cookies
  • I’ve always had a hard stance when it comes to buying a house. I’ve never felt comfortable with it as a good investment and think that a lot of the perks people flaunt are always short-sighted and skewed to look better than they actually are (tax breaks, for instance). But I’m slowly becoming more open minded to the idea after having several conversations with friends and family, as well as stumbling on to a good location. I’m getting some more information this weekend so I can play with the finances and numbers a little better. I really want to eventually break this out into its own post as well. So more on this in the future!
  • I legitimately have no idea what I want to do for Halloween. I had some ideas but people kept jokingly guessing them (Dave Grohl, Jesus, etc) because of the long hair. So I’m running out of time and motivation to find something good enough and cheap enough to throw together in two weeks. It’s looking more and more like it may be my first Halloween since 2010 that I’m not dressing up. If you don’t count that year, since I was wandering aimlessly around the country at the time, it’ll be the first year since 2006 I think. So sad! But I may still have a little surprise up my sleeve! I can’t let the fun and spontaneity of Halloween go to waste!

Big, big weekend! College Gameday is back in Clemson for the second time this season (third time ever!) for the Florida State game Saturday. Clemson’s actually promoting the fans try for the Guinness World Record for fan noise on the first defensive snap. So if you’re watching the game, don’t be surprised if the noise is crazy! If Clemson wins this game, I’m buying tickets to the ACC Championship game as soon as it’s over. SO pumped!

Let’s go Tigers!

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One Response to What I Learned: October 18

  1. hopeclark says:

    I hate seeing strays. I want to bring them home so badly, and when I don’t, I kick myself for not being more proactive. On a brighter note, I’m looking forward to the game tomorrow!

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