What I Learned: October 11

  • I confused a Republican last week. On Friday, I received a call from an unknown number (of course…). The caller identified himself from a conservative, pro-life organization phoning people to take a survey. I had recently completed a questionnaire for the Republican party on both a national and local district level, so I’m assuming this was how I made my way onto the list of people to call. I don’t typically have an issue sharing my opinions, so I said sure. The first question asked was “Do you consider yourself pro-life, pro-choice, or are you unsure?”. I answered pro-choice and it was like the phone died. A quick, awkward silence followed by “Thank you sir, have a nice day.” Guess that wasn’t the answer he was looking for…
  • I tried a new place to eat this week! The original plan was to meet a friend for dinner Monday night at Sauceman’s in South End. Only it looked a little empty when I drove past it. Turns out that to be considered the “best bbq in Charlotte,” you don’t need to have dining-friendly hours. You get one more chance, Sauceman’s! Then I’m writing you off. A quick audible found us at Phat Burrito instead. It’s pretty much a tiny hole in the wall but I had a gigantic chicken burrito that was delicious. We got to eat outside too since it felt perfect outside. Good times.
  • Yet another Vice President at work was let go this week. Since I’ve started, two have been fired and another has left on his own. The company isn’t hurting for business one bit but some of the turnover and reorganization in the last six months leaves me a little confused. I’ll just say it does little for my confidence. Oh, you silly employed-adult problems!
  • My running game has been on point this week. I skipped Monday for dinner, ran 2 on Tuesday, then bumped it up to 3 on Wednesday. My legs were feeling the hills, so I gave them a rest Thursday. And the plan is to get at least another 3 mile day in before Sunday rolls around. I feel like I can run forever when the weather is amazing as it has been this week. Time to find me some 5Ks!
  • My old college roommate is amazing. On Wednesday, I get a text from him saying he’s got an extra ticket to the Clemson/Boston College game this weekend. Um… yes please! Not only that, it’s free as long as I’m buying food at the game. Who am I to argue with a ticket to a Clemson game for the price of hot dogs and nachos? Count me in!

What initially was going to be a quiet weekend has quickly turned into one on the move! Friday, I’m going for a run and crashing early. Saturday, it’s up and at ’em to get to Clemson for the 3:30 kickoff and hopefully back to Charlotte in time to watch some of the night games. Sunday, I’m training another volunteer at the shelter and finding a solid cookie recipe for the Fall/Thanksgiving/Columbus Day/Halloween potluck on Monday. Just a hunch but I’m guessing pumpkin will be involved.

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One Response to What I Learned: October 11

  1. Hope Clark says:

    On the move! Just remember to make time to love on Harper!

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