3rd Quarter Report

It’s finally Fall! That means football, amazing weather, pumpkin-flavored everything, and my birthday!

It also means the year is 3/4 finished, so let’s get caught up on the Resolutions!

  • 350 Miles Run:
    • 3Q projection – 262.5
    • 3Q actual – 149.0
    • Ouch! I did marginally worse in this quarter (64 miles) than the last one (66). I did have two pretty crazy weeks between my nephew being born, my grandmother passing, and my dad being in town that had me doing a lot more driving than running. I’ll still try to sneak in a race or two (Turkey Trot most likely?) between now and the end of the year. But it is getting darker outside in a hurry. And we all know how much I hate running on treadmills. Worst case, I still break 200 miles the New Year.
  • 26 Paychecks Earned:
    • 3Q projection – 19.5
    • 3Q actual – 19
    • Slow and steady wins the race. Wednesday will be 15 months here at the job. The first quarter saw office politics flair up. The second quarter brought a raise. The third quarter saw my boss let go. So yeah, I’d say this job keeps me on my toes enough for the time being. Just banking money for my next adventure!
  • 12 Books Read:
    • 3Q projection – 9
    • 3Q actual – 15
    • Slowed way down this quarter. I finished up How to be Good (abysmal), Joyland (incredibly amazing!), and Inferno (entertaining enough). I’m reading Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail. Although I use the word “reading” loosely since it’s been on my nightstand for weeks without being touched. My goal’s been met though, so no rush hurrying this one.
  • 50 Hours Volunteered:
    • 3Q projection – 37.5
    • 3Q actual – 34.0
    • 45 minutes down at the 2nd quarter and now I’m 3.5 down. I’m not moving in the right direction! Boo! But I did have to cancel a shift when I went down to Columbia for FJ’s grand entrance which would have essentially put me on pace. I just spent 3 hours there last Sunday and got to play with 3 adorable puppies! Shelter Puppies
  • 4 Trips Planned:
    • 3Q projection – 3
    • 3Q actual – 2
    • I may be stretching it a bit for this one. I’m counting my trip to Clemson for the Clemson/Georgia game just because of the sheer craziness involved. I was able to visit with some friends I haven’t seen in a long time, see quite possibly the best Clemson game in my lifetime, then struggled to make it back to Charlotte. I didn’t make it in until 5am! Anytime you get to spend an entire day in Clemson, I consider that good enough for “trip” status.
  • 2 Posts Written:
    • 3Q projection – 78
    • 3Q actual – 53
    • I’ve fallen into the comfortable routine of typing up one post per week covering everything that needs covering. How was I able to type up several entries a week before my “What I Learned” kick? Well, goodbye to trying to reach this goal!
  • 80 Percent Achieved:
    • 3Q projection – 3.75 games
    • 3Q actual – 4 games
    • Let’s just say I killed it this quarter. It helps that Microsoft launched their Games with Gold program. I’m at 100% for The Walking Dead, which was quite possibly the best video game story I’ve ever played through. I made it through 100% of Defense Grid. Assassin’s Creed 2 is at 92%. I’m 8% of the way through Grand Theft Auto, which is amazing. Not to mention the 4th quarter is birthday/Christmas season. This one’s as good as finished!
  • 1 Date Taken:
    • 3Q projection – 0.75?
    • 3Q actual – 2
    • The 1st quarter was date-heavy, while the 2nd and 3rd have been date deficient. Does the 4th quarter continue the dating drought or provide some symmetry for 2013 and finish off the year the way it began?

The final results are beginning to come into focus. How are your resolutions coming along? Or is it about time to ditch the 2013 goals (if you haven’t already) to start planning for the 2014 ones?

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