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What I Learned: October 25

Clemson was destroyed Saturday night on national television. I have never left a game early and I rarely turn a game off on TV. But after halftime, Harper and I cut it off and took a long walk to cool … Continue reading

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House Sweet House

A couple of weeks ago, over dinner with a friend, conversation shifted towards houses and mortgages. I was explaining what my job entailed as a data analyst at a mortgage servicing company and she was describing her new house she … Continue reading

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What I Learned: October 18

Clemson football makes me happy. I took in the Boston College game last weekend with my old college roommate. The good news is that he let me have the ticket for free, as long as I bought food in the … Continue reading

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What I Learned: October 11

I confused a Republican last week. On Friday, I received a call from an unknown number (of course…). The caller identified himself from a conservative, pro-life organization phoning people to take a survey. I had recently completed a questionnaire for … Continue reading

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What I Learned: October 4

The United States government is a complete joke right now. Don’t get me wrong – I’m eternally grateful that our political system has the checks and balances in place that prevent one party (or person) from negligently forcing their agenda … Continue reading

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3rd Quarter Report

It’s finally Fall! That means football, amazing weather, pumpkin-flavored everything, and my birthday! It also means the year is 3/4 finished, so let’s get caught up on the Resolutions! 350 Miles Run: 3Q projection – 262.5 3Q actual – 149.0 … Continue reading

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