What I Learned: September 28

  • I stumbled across Atlas Obscura this week and I fell in love. The title page says it all: “Curious and Wondrous Travel Destinations.” You put in a place and it gives you a list of results nearby. For instance, my zip code yields a covered bridge, an abandoned mill village, and Devil’s Stomping Ground among other places. Huge fan of things like that. I really need some travel buddies.
  • Work is killing me lately. I worked late every day this week including leaving at 7 on Friday and working a legit 12 hour day on Thursday. Something messed up with our system used to board loans, IT couldn’t figure out a solution for over a week (completely inexcusable), and it was month end. All rolled into one. Once I get caught up, there’s one more huge project before the end of the year and then I’m scheduling some time off. I need a breather after this week!
  • Is there anything left to like about California? They have the largest debt ($617 billion) by more than double that of the next state in line. It has the highest state sales tax, highest gas prices, and third highest state income tax. And as of last week, the Northern California Federation Youth Football League is imposing a $200 fine and suspending coaches for two weeks for any team that beats another by 35 points or more. Instead of teaching kids to become better, you penalize them for being good at their sport. So ridiculous!
  • There’s such a huge difference between network television series and cable series. I watched the Agents of Shield premiere on ABC Tuesday. It was entertaining enough but there’s nothing there to make me invested in the story or characters to want to come back week after week. Network shows are overly dumbed down for the masses. Just look at The Emmys – network shows won the comedy and reality awards and cable shows won everything else (drama, variety, and miniseries). Cable actors won 5 of 6 lead performance awards and 6 of 6 supporting performances. Suits and Breaking Bad? Amazing! The Following and Under the Dome? Not so much. America… be smarter!
  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt is my favorite actor, by far. As a child who grew up in the 90s, I loved Angels in the Outfield. Being in high school when 10 Things I Hate About You (and Larisa Oleynik!) came out was great timing. (500) Days of Summer (and Zooey Deschanel!), despite making you hate girls, is one of my favorite movies. Inception (and Ellen Page!)? Super amazing! He was in The Dark Knight Rises (and Anne Hathaway!). And Looper was unexpectedly entertaining. I need to check out Don Jon (and Scarlett Johansson!!). But Joseph Gordon-Levitt with Jimmy Fallon, lip-synching? YouTube gold!

Missed posting on Friday again. I almost missed Saturday too, since I was busy watching football. But I got this entry snuck (sneaked?) in just before midnight. I’m volunteering tomorrow morning, trying my hand at fixing halibut, fried okra, and creamed corn for dinner, and hyping the series finale of Breaking Bad tomorrow night.

Goodbye, September!

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