What I Learned: September 13

  • My grandmother on my dad’s side of the family passed away on Saturday around 5:30pm in Tifton, Georgia. She was 97 and had been living with Alzheimer’s disease for the majority of her 12 years in Georgia. So it’s not something that caught the family completely off guard but those things are still tough to handle. There was a funeral service Tuesday in Tifton and another service along with the burial this morning in Philadelphia. I’ll always remember climbing the magnolia in her backyard, her Collies, her homemade candied orange peels, and playing with Slinkies on the stairs to the second floor. Goodbye, Grandmom.
  • When one door closes, another opens. Around the same time I got word my grandmother wasn’t doing well, I got a call from my brother letting me know my sister in law was going into labor. Almost 12 hours to the minute later, my new nephew made his entrance at 5:10am Sunday morning in Columbia, South Carolina. Hello, FJ.
    Nanu & FJ

    Nanu & FJ… kinda sounds like a Nickelodeon cartoon, right?

  • I am exhausted. Saturday, after the good and bad news, I packed a bag and headed the 115 miles south to Columbia once the Clemson game was over. I got all of three or four hours of sleep Sunday amid the baby madness. I drove 115 more miles back north to Charlotte so I could be at work Monday. After work, it was the 115 miles back. Tuesday morning, I drove 282 miles through back roads to get to Tifton for the funeral service. After dinner with the family, I headed 317 interstate miles back to Chapin. I got in at 2am. Wednesday, I only made the 50 mile round trip to visit with S&T and FJ. Thursday was 115 miles back to Charlotte so I could work a half day. And with my dad being in town from Alaska to visit with his first grandchild, I’ll be putting another 230 mile round trip under my belt this weekend. At this point, I’d be okay with not seeing an interstate for awhile.
  • The nostalgic bug has bitten me lately. I’ve had several conversations with people from my past- high school, college, and Phoenix. It’s like meeting someone new, catching up from all that’s changed over the years combined with a familiar comfort zone since there’s the history there. It’s fun learning new things. But honestly, I’m also really worn out this week and stretching to come up with a fifth bullet point.
  • The Burn Notice series finale was last night. It seems pretty rare that TV shows make it as long as it did – 7 years – nowadays. But I’m glad they got to go out on their own terms, much like House did and Breaking Bad is currently three episodes away from doing. I can’t say that I was really satisfied with the ending but I understood why it went the direction it did. They stayed true to their style and story, for sure. Total tearjerker when they killed off one of the main characters too. It’s tough seeing long-lasting shows end. Like leaving friends behind at graduation or changing jobs. I’m going to miss hearing “Should we shoot them?” each week.

There’s a 5K Saturday I had signed up for, originally thinking I’d need something to do this weekend to kill before FJ got here next weekend. But since he came early, my dad’s in town, and I’m dragging, I’m still debating on whether or not I want to give it a shot. Outside of that, it’s just sleeping and more FJ visiting!

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One Response to What I Learned: September 13

  1. Hope Clark says:

    The baby’s name is Jack, Uncle Nanu, but I get what you’re doing. To his uncle, he’ll be FJ (pronounced Feej), which is kinda cool. I know you’ve hated being on the road so much, but we love seeing you. I even watched Burn Notice. I think it went out nicely.

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