What I Learned: September 6

  • The Clemson vs. Georgia game on Saturday was the best football game I’ve ever attended. I had a hoarse voice for several days. The only game that can even be in the same conversation with it may be the 2011 ACC Championship game against Virginia Tech and maybe the 2009 game against Florida State. Clemson went toe-to-toe with a legitimate top 5 SEC team and came out on top. Even with them faking injuries. Death Valley was rocking and the Clemson faithful stayed incredibly loud the entire game. I love my school and I love Clemson football! Bring it on, 2013 season.
    CU-UGA Panorama

    CU-UGA Hill     CU-UGA Field

  • With that said, the trip afterwards was an adventure. And not in a good way. Clemson’s a tiny town with two main roads out of town. When you’ve got 200,000+ people trying to leave at the same time, you sit. And sit. And sit. So I didn’t hit the road until 2am. Somewhere around Spartanburg, I got really tired. Like “Did I just see a deer? Or did my mind make that up?” kind of tired. So I pulled over at a truck stop and dozed for 30 minutes or so. I made it back to Charlotte at 5am, took Harper out, and then crashed. I woke up at 2:45pm Sunday afternoon. But it was so worth it!
  • There are very few feelings in life that are better than hearing a genuinely catchy pop song. I heard a song for the first time this week and was hooked after the first couple of notes. I’m not a huge Tegan and Sara fan but Closer is super legit.

    Sidenote: Goodbye, Goodbye – the second track from their Heartthrob album – is solid as well. Especially if you like an 80s vibe to your music.
  • Microsoft announced the release date for the Xbox One as November 22nd. It’s a week after Sony’s PS4 launch and a week before Black Friday. On a cooler, coincidental note, it’s exactly 8 years to the day from the launch of the Xbox 360. I’m probably going to pass on it this year, holding out hopes that they release a special edition Halo 5 one in the Fall of 2014. Not to mention, I’ve still got Bully, Dead Rising 2, Crackdown, Magic: The Gathering 2013, and Batman: Arkham City. And GTA V, Watch Dogs, South Park, and Batman: Arkham Origins all come out this year on the 360. I’ve still got some life left in the old console. #LifeOfASingleDude
  • It also looks like the feej (slash FJ slash Fetus Jerdan slash my soon-to-be nephew) is planning on coming a little earlier than originally expected. I’ve got my fingers crossed for a Friday the 13th birthday, personally. It should make for a busy September though. I scheduled a 5K on the 14th, thinking I had some time to kill before he made his way into the world. Then making the trip to Columbia once he finally gets here – hopefully missing a day or two of work in the process. My dad’s coming from Alaska towards the end of the month to meet his first grandchild (wow, that felt weird to say/type…). Good family times!

I still feel a little off from the Clemson-and-back rush trip last weekend, so I’m keeping a low profile this time around. Clemson plays SC State Saturday at 12:30. It’ll be a blow-out win but I’ll watch none the less. Then South Carolina plays Georgia at 4:30 and I’ll definitely be watching that. Huge anti-Bulldogs fan last weekend, huge Bulldogs fan this weekend – the joys of being a passionate college football fan!

Hope your Labor Day holiday was excellent! Enjoy your weekend!

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One Response to What I Learned: September 6

  1. How come we didn’t hear anything about who you went to the ballgame with? You better relax this weekend, because the rest of the month will be crazy for the Jerdan/Clark clan. Hug Harper for me.

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