What I Learned: August 30

  • The ROC Race on Sunday was amazing! The race opened with 1000 feet of running on the actual race track of the Charlotte Motor Speedway. The Concree-stadores (think 10 to 15 hurdles to climb over) and the Tire Mile (four groups of 10 tires each) absolutely killed me. But everything else was tons of fun! There were six in our group and, for the most part, we stayed with each other through the entire course. I still think it was a little expensive but totally glad I gave it a shot!

    ROC KMA ROC AM Before ROC AM After ROC AM After 2 ROC Group

  • I’m slowly running out of “What I Learned” steam. There are some weeks when I struggle to come up with five bullet points. My goal’s going to be to finish out the year strong, then take it out back and humanely put it down. So between now and 2014, I’m going to brainstorm ideas for a regular, featured post to carry the blog for the next year.
  • College football is back! Unfortunately, North Carolina looked terrible in the South Carolina game. Fortunately, I picked South Carolina in our Pick Six group. As I type this, my Vanderbilt over Ole Miss pick is looking good too. Speaking of which, we’re pushing 40 people playing this year. That means first place could be taking home $280. That’s a lot of people and a lot of money!
  • Clemson is turning the clock back this weekend. They’re playing Georgia, a common opponent in the 70s and 80s. They’re inducting Danny Ford, Clemson’s 1981 National Championship coach, into the Ring of Honor before the game. And in one of the most gorgeous scenes, they went back to block letters in the end zones for this season. I love my school.
  • Lately, I’m conflicted with the idea of possibly getting a second dog. It’s come up several times in conversation lately. My mom and step dad are thinking about getting a second one. My step dad’s hunting friend just recently had a litter of black and yellow labs and was looking for homes. My dad asked last week if I had put anymore consideration into a second dog. On one hand, I think it’d be a blast having a second dog. I loved training Harper and seeing the lessons take hold. It would give her a buddy to pal around with in the apartment too. But Harper’s my buddy and I know the relationship I’ve got with her would change. I would either give Harper less of my time and attention or not give enough to the new puppy. And I’m really, really struggling with that.

My Clemson flags are on my truck. I’m wearing my Clemson collared shirt to work. College Gameday is airing its longest show ever at Clemson on Saturday morning. Clemson is playing its biggest home game in a long time, possibly in my lifetime. And I will be there. In person. In my orange overalls. Cheering on my team!

Game on, Tigers!

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2 Responses to What I Learned: August 30

  1. hopeclark says:

    We’ll be watching it in Vegas! As for the second dog, you’ll need to devote more attention to dogs period, but just like having a second or third child, you find yourself having plenty of love for all of them. Plus, Harper will have company when you are at work. Think of that! GO TIGERS.

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