What I Learned: August 9

  • So my computer project didn’t turn out so well. I installed Windows on the new hard drive and had my computer up and running Friday night. For some idiotic reason, I didn’t rush to back up my pictures from the old hard drive. Naturally, it seemed to completely die when I tried on Monday. I have one more trick up my sleeve (my hard drive is cooling in the freezer at the moment…) before I give up entirely on the last 18 months of pictures. It’s not looking good.
  • I can’t remember all of the pictures I’ve lost either. I know there’s a folder from my day hike at Crowder’s Mountain State Park with Harper. The pictures from my apartment (pre- and post-moving in) are gone. Only memories left from the NC State/Tennessee and Clemson/Auburn football games in Atlanta for the Chick Fil A Kickoff games. But the ones I’m the most bummed about are my trips to the NC Zoo and Riverbanks Zoo. I had pregnant gorilla pictures from the North Carolina trip and bears fighting during the South Carolina trip. I can go back to the state park and zoos but I lost those moments.
  • There’s also another expensive weekend coming up. Even with Windows reinstalled on my new hard drive, the computer’s still acting peculiar. It randomly restarts itself. If I’m not on it for an hour or two, it goes to sleep then won’t wake up without powering it down. So, at the moment, I’m in the process of erasing the new hard drive, wiping it clean, and boxing it back up so I can return it to Best Buy. Mainly because I’ve decided it’s time to buy a new computer. I’ve got my fingers crossed I can stay below $600. Of course, tax free weekend was last weekend too.
  • It’s strange how coincidences work. I’ve been reading Dan Brown’s Inferno and having a tough time getting a mental image of the surroundings in Florence and Venice, Italy. When people, locations, and dialogues are in foreign languages, my mind winds up glossing right over them. Then last weekend, I started playing Assassin’s Creed II through Games with Gold. And it just so happens that the game is set in ancient Italy. Now I get to follow in Robert Langdon’s fictional footprints! And people say video games rot your brain…
  • Between the dying battery, new tires, terrible week at work, dying computer, and this week being slightly better yet equally frustrating and monotonous, I was prepared to make the last bullet about feeling like I was coasting through life at the moment and needed a turn in my fortunes. But then my Nashville buddy let me know she found an extra ticket to the #8 Clemson vs #5 Georgia game on August 31 with my name on it! SO PUMPED! All problems are solved by college football!

Hitting Cabo Fish Taco for lunch and then Jock & Jill’s for a wings-and-golf happy hour after work. Another major golf tournament, another $10 down the drain! Then hopefully getting this computer situation handled.

Have a great weekend!

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One Response to What I Learned: August 9

  1. hopeclark says:

    Sorry, Sweetie. Can’t have the good times without bad, to appreciate the difference.

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